Tata Harrier 140 PS version modified with an aftermarket panoramic sunroof [Video]

Tata Harrier is one of the most popular 5-seater SUV in its respective segment. It was initially launched in 2019 and an year after that, Tata introduced the revised Harrier with more features including a much more powerful engine. The 2019 model missed out on many features and panoramic sunroof was one of them. Panoramic sunroof is actually a very important feature for many SUV buyers today and for many buyers a missing panoramic sunroof would make people loose interest. Many people who bought the first version of Harrier did not get this feature and were very unhappy to see the same feature included in the updated version. Well, here we have a video that many owners of the first version might find interesting. Here we have a video that shows the 2019 version of Harrier with an aftermarket panoramic sunroof.

The video has been uploaded by SUNROOF SHOP on their YouTube channel. The Harrier seen here in the video is the XZ variant of Tata Harrier before the update. The SUV in Orcus white shade is the 2019 model. The video shows two people standing out from the sunroof. Good thing about this panoramic sunroof is that it does not like an aftermarket installment. In the past, we have seen several aftermarket sunroof installments where the sunroof looks odd after fitment.

The roof has all been blacked out and that is also helping the overall look of the car. The vide does not show how the sunroof was installed on the Harrier. It shows how the sunroof functions. The work done of this SUV looks very neat. The video also show how the sunroof look from inside. Just like the original Tata Harrier sunroof, there is a curtain which can be controlled using a button in front of the sunglass holder. The video also mentions that the aftermarket sunroof installed on the Harrier fits perfectly and won’t let even a drop of water leak inside the cabin. Overall fit an finish of the sunroof in this Harrier looks pretty good in this video and we expect that more SUV owners might come forward for this type of modification in the near future.

Tata Harrier 140 PS version modified with an aftermarket panoramic sunroof [Video]

There are many who may find installing sunroof as an aftermarket accessory as a good option but, it must be noted that these sunroofs might start leaking water inside the cabin after some time and once that starts, you might have to get the sunroof repaired or get the roof replaced depending up on the damage that it has done to the car.

Tata Harrier seen here in the video is powered by the same engine as the current version but, it generates 140 Ps and 350 Nm of peak torque which is 30 Ps less than what the current version generates. The first version was also missing on automatic transmission which was introduced with the 2020 model. Tata Harrier’s updated version came with features like electrically adjustable driver seat, auto-dimming IRVM, new colour options, new design for alloy wheels and much more powerful diesel engine.