Tata Harrier absolutely smashed in a crash: All five passengers safe says owner [Video]

While most Tata cars have been tested by Global NCAP, two popular cars – Safari and Harrier are yet to secure their ratings. The owner of a Tata Harrier has shared pictures and videos of a major accident. He mentioned that all five passengers travelling in the car were safe.

While the owner has not shared the exact details, it seems like a high-speed crash. The incident happened on a highway and the car looks damaged from all around. Even the roof of the Tata Harrier is severely damaged indicating that the vehicle has rolled over too.

The videos show a crane lifting the Tata Harrier from the ditch. The high-speed crash caused the axle of the vehicle to break. We can see that the wheel of the vehicle is lying on the road. The structure of the car is completely destroyed and the metal is crumpled all around.

The footage of the cabin shows that the airbags have worked to keep the passengers safe. It is highly likely that all the passengers were wearing seatbelts. Without the belt, surviving such a crash would have been quite difficult. Overall, the Tata Harrier looks like it will be a case of “total loss”.

Even after the major damages, the doors of the Tata Harrier worked perfectly, which allowed the passengers to come out. In many cases, the doors get stuck because of the mangled frame causing the passengers to get stuck inside the car. The first impact seems to have happened on the front right fender of the car. Even the engine of the vehicle fell out of the chassis due to the impact.

Tata Harrier not tested by Global NCAP

Tata Harrier absolutely smashed in a crash: All five passengers safe says owner [Video]

Tata is yet to send the Harrier to Global NCAP for the safety rating test. Tata has remained tight-lipped on the reason for not sending the vehicle to the Global NCAP. However, according to the experts, a part Multijet engine in the Tata Harrier can intrude into the cabin of the RHD cars and injure the driver. That is why Tata is yet to send the car for a crash safety test. Tata sources the diesel engine used in the Harrier and the Safari from Fiat. It is the same 2.0-litre diesel engine that is also available with the Jeep Compass and the MG Hector in the Indian market.

However, numerous accidents in the past involving the Tata Harrier show how great the build quality of the SUV is. In most accidents, the occupants walk out of the crash unhurt.

In future, crash safety tests will become mandatory as the government has proposed. All the manufacturers will have to send the new cars for crash tests to get a safety star rating if the proposal becomes law.