Tata Harrier after 1 lakh Kms: Owner reviews his SUV [Video]

Tata Harrier owner review 1 lakh km

The mid-size SUV Harrier from Tata Motors is one of the most popular SUVs in the country. The model was first introduced back in 2019, and ever since then, it has maintained a respectable reputation in the Indian automotive market. A ton of people in the country have bought this SUV because of its build quality, but no matter how good a vehicle is, it cannot be perfect. Recently, an owner of one of the models from the first year of production shared a video on the internet, discussing the positives and negatives of driving this SUV for more than one lakh km.

The video, which talks about the ownership experience and quality of the 2019 Tata Harrier, has been shared on YouTube by Mr. Drive on their channel. The presenter in the video starts off by showing the engine bay of the Harrier. He mentions that although the engine bay looks dirty, it has held up nicely considering the mileage it has covered. He then moves on to the negative aspects and states that the car suffers a lot from rusting problems. He shows numerous spots in the engine bay where the car has started to rust.

The presenter even opens the passenger side door and points out that the lower part and hinge area have also rusted a little bit. Despite painting over the rusted area, the problem continues to persist. He mentions that the overall build quality is nice, but this rusting issue is a serious concern. After discussing the exterior, he shifts his focus to the interior of the Harrier. He states that, like the exterior, the interior has also held up nicely, but it does not mean that it is free from issues.

Tata Harrier after 1 lakh Kms: Owner reviews his SUV [Video]

Regarding the interior, the first thing that the presenter points out is that the left side of the horn has stopped working. He then shows the center console and mentions that the gloss black buttons on the climate control have started to fade out and look very unsightly. He also adds that one of the major problems is that the city and sport mode buttons have completely stopped working, along with the drive mode selector. He states that they have tried to get it fixed at the showroom multiple times, but every time they get it repaired, it stops working again after some time.

The presenter then talks about one of the biggest problems with the Tata Harrier, which is the service quality. He states that the dealerships are least bothered about fixing the car’s problems, and every time they visit with a complaint, the dealerships provide makeshift solutions that revert back within 8-10 days, leaving them stuck with the same problems. The presenter states that the dealership experience is one of the worst they have ever had, and for this reason, they stopped going to them altogether.

Tata Harrier after 1 lakh Kms: Owner reviews his SUV [Video]

Moving on, he discusses the mileage of the SUV and mentions that despite having a huge engine, the Harrier still manages to provide a mileage of around 15.7 kmpl. He points out that a lot of it depends on the driving style, but it is achievable.