Tata Harrier, Bajaj Dominar & Hero XPulse go off roading [Video]

off-road expeditions is still not a popular thing here in India. Like many other adventure activities, it also finding its grip in our country. We now have several groups who organise trail exploration trips for SUV owners and bikers and here we have one such video where three different types of vehicles are exploring an off-road track and can be seen having fun. The vehicles used were a Bajaj Dominar 400, Hero Xpulse 200 and a Tata Harrier.

The video has been uploaded by ROAR Motorcycle Club on their youtube channel. The vlogger shows how the trail actually looks like and how all three vehicles would be behaving in such a terrain. The vlogger as seen in the video is riding the new Bajaj Dominar 400. Initially, the trail looks quite simple with some uneven patches here and there. After riding for some time, the terrain starts to change and the Dominat 400 crosses all of them with ease.

The Dominar 400 does not have a switchable ABS which actually comes in handy while riding in such a terrain. He even fell at one spot as the ABS interrupted while braking. The Xpulse 200 on the other hand was just gliding over all the obstacles and making it look very easy. The weight difference and experienced rider were another crucial factors why Xpulse was performing so effortlessly.

Tata Harrier, Bajaj Dominar & Hero XPulse go off roading [Video]

As they continue riding for some distance, the terrain starts becoming quite rocky. The XPulse rider shares couple of trips to both the vlogger and the Harrier driver. He asked the SUV guys to take it slow in order to avoid any type of damage to the vehicle. It looked like the Harrier was using All-Terrain tyres and the SUV was performing well considering the fact it is a 2WD vehicle.

Bajaj Dominar 400 is a bike that is meant for long distance touring but, considering the bike manages to come out of it at ease. This video proved that Bajaj Dominar can handle fair bit of rocky trails without putting in too much effort. The only drawback, rider thought Dominar 400 had was the lack of switchable ABS. Xpulse is a bike that was meant to deal with such terrains and it did do its job effortlessly. Tata Harrier has terrain modes and we are not sure whether the driver used it while crossing the rocky section or not. All the three vehicles made it to the end of the trail without any damage to the vehicle at all.