Watch Tata Harrier SUV taking on a river in Bhutan [Video]

Tata Harrier has gained quite a popularity in the Indian market after launching in January this year. The all-new Harrier has become the best-selling SUV in the segment and is outselling cars like Mahindra XUV500 and even the Jeep Compass. However, the SUV has been criticised for missing out on features like AWD or 4X4. Since the demand for AWD or 4X4 vehicles is very low in India, Tata has developed the all-new Terrain Response System for the Harrier that makes it more capable than the regular 2WD SUVs. Here is a video the Harrier taking on a riverbed in Bhutan like a boss.

Tata Harrier on the river bed

The video from Imroz Baig shows the Tata Harrier from Bhutan. The video shows the Tata Harrier entering a river stream with an extremely rocky surface. Even though the depth of the water stream is negligible, the flowing water is making the surface very slippery. The slippery rocky surface is quite challenging and cannot be conquered by every other car. Since no other vehicle was present at the spot and tried the same course, we cannot comment if any other 2WD SUV could have made it look as easy as the Harrier did.

The video shows Tata Harrier taking the way like a boss and slowly crawling through the stream without any hiccup. Tata Harrier is an FWD SUV, which is why on a few occasions we can see the front wheel skidding for a microsecond and then finding back the grip. This is because of the Terrain Response System developed by Tata, especially for the Harrier.

The system utilises the Electronic Stability Program (ESP) and Traction Control to apply the brake on individual wheels that do not get enough grip from the surface. This ensures that without a differential lock in place, all the power is sent to the wheel, which is in contact with the ground. While it is not as effective as 4X4 set-up but it sure makes the Tata Harrier more capable than other 2WD SUVs. It should be noted that Tata Harrier is the first car built on the OMEGA Arc platform, which is derived from the Jaguar Land Rover’s D8 platform that underpins the Discovery Sport. Even though Tata has not equipped the car with a 4WD system, the manufacturer says there is a chance in future when Tata may launch the more capable variant of the vehicle if the market demands. For now, there are no such plans.

Watch Tata Harrier SUV taking on a river in Bhutan [Video]

Tata also gets power modes that alter the power output of the 2.0-litre KRYOTEC engine that produces a maximum of 140 PS and 350 Nm in its most powerful tune. Tata also does not offer an automatic transmission with the Harrier at the moment but is expected to launch it soon in the market.