Tata Harrier Blocks Another Car On Highway: Road Rage On Dashcam

tata harrier road rage highway

Over the last few months, the number of road rage incidents has increased by a lot on Indian roads. So keeping in mind this, a lot of people are now using dashcams to protect themselves in case of such incidents. Recently, dashcam footage of yet another road rage incident has been shared online. In this video, a Tata Harrier driver from Maharashtra was seen blocking the way of another car on a national highway.

Tata Harrier Driver Blocks Road

This video of the Tata Harrier owner instigating a road rage incident has come courtesy of Nikhil Rana from YouTube. In this short two-minute video, it was noted that the car with the dashcam was driving normally on a highway. Soon after a moment, a white Tata Harrier came in front of this car.

A little further into the video, it becomes clear that the Harrier driver was not overtaking this car. Rather, he was trying to block this car driver’s way. He can be seen recklessly swerving on the highway and decreasing the speed. The Harrier driver did this in order to stop the other car.

Why and Where Did This Happen?

Tata Harrier Blocks Another Car On Highway: Road Rage On Dashcam

As per the video, the white Tata Harrier in front is registered at Pimpri Chinchwad, Maharashtra. However, where exactly this incident took place has not been reported. There is also no further video which shows what exactly happened after some time.

Presently, there is also no information on why this Tata Harrier driver was so angry. Most likely, he might have been overtaken by the car with the dashcam and it enraged him. But this is just a speculation. There could be numerous reasons behind this road rage incident.

Other Road Rage Incidents

Last month, in February, another dashcam footage of a road rage incident was shared here on Cartoq. In this particular video, it was noted that a local goon was seen trying to stop a car driver in the middle of the road and then calling his gang to beat up the car driver.

What happened in this particular incident was that the car driver was driving his car normally. There was mild traffic congestion on the road. So at one point, he had to brake a little aggressively to avoid hitting a car in front.

During this time, a scooter rider who was riding the scooter without the helmet bumped into the rear of this car. The owner then rolled down his window and asked the rider to ride a little more carefully. However, this enraged the driver and he started swerving in front of the car driver.

He was trying to stop this car driver on the road. The video showed that the scooter rider was trying to stop this car driver on multiple occasions. However, the car owner was able to successfully leave him behind.

Tata Harrier Blocks Another Car On Highway: Road Rage On Dashcam

But at one point, the scooter rider managed to fully stop this car driver. He then warned him that this is his area. The rider added that he is calling his gang and they will beat him up.

Following this, the car driver somehow managed to escape from the situation after the scooter rider stopped in front of his car in the middle of the road. The entire incident was captured in the car’s dashcam footage.