Tata Harrier owner shares his experience after completing 1 lakh km with SUV [video]

Tata Harrier ownership review

Tata launched the Harrier SUV back in 2019, and it quickly became popular among buyers for its looks and features. Upon its launch, it was the most feature-loaded car from Tata in India. Since then, several vloggers have posted videos discussing its performance, mileage, and build quality. Some of these vloggers are also Harrier owners who have shared their experiences with the vehicle. Here, we have a video of a Harrier owner sharing his opinions and experiences after completing 1 lakh km.

The video has been uploaded by World of Manuj on his YouTube channel. In this video, the owner of the Harrier talks about his experience with his 4.5-year-old Tata Harrier SUV. He recently completed 1 lakh km with this SUV. He was one of the first 500 people to buy the Harrier in India, a fact he mentions clearly in the video. The sole reason he bought this SUV was its distinctive looks, as it differed from anything available in the market at that time. Being an early buyer, he had uncertainties about many aspects of this vehicle.

Previously, the owner owned a Tata Indigo sedan and was dissatisfied with it. Consequently, he did not plan on purchasing another Tata product. However, upon seeing the Harrier, he immediately fell in love with its design and engine specs and decided to buy it. The car shown in the video is the first version, which came with a 140 Ps engine. Tata later introduced a 170 Ps version of the Harrier in 2020. The pre-update version also lacked an automatic transmission.

Tata Harrier owner shares his experience after completing 1 lakh km with SUV
Tata Harrier ownership review

The owner begins by discussing the aspects he likes about the car. He genuinely appreciates the bold looks that the Harrier offers, noting that even today, no other vehicle in this segment possesses such a commanding road presence. He purchased the top-end XZ variant, which provided features like leatherette upholstery, a touchscreen, a semi-digital instrument cluster, and more. He particularly enjoys the Terrain Response System feature that the Harrier offers. Another positive aspect, according to the owner, is its high-speed stability. He also praises the ride quality of the Harrier.

The owner is fond of the car’s interior design and has made few changes. He does mention installing aftermarket LED ambient lights in the cabin since Tata did not offer them. These are the positives about the vehicle. He then proceeds to discuss the aspects he did not like or wished could have been improved. Firstly, he mentions the engine. Since he owns the first version, he feels that the engine is slightly underpowered at times. He notes that Tata has improved it in later versions. The steering feels very heavy at low speeds, making maneuvering the SUV through tight spots and busy streets difficult.

The owner also mentions that the overall maintenance cost of this SUV is on the higher side. Every time he takes the SUV to a service center, he spends around Rs 10-15,000, which he considers expensive for a mid-size SUV. Additionally, he remarks that despite being an Indian brand, the parts are excessively costly. As usual, he complains about the poor service center experience. Apart from these issues, he still greatly appreciates the car and is very happy with the decision he made four years ago.