Tata Harrier converted into Lamborghini Urus lookalike with body kit for just Rs. 1.1 lakh [Video]

Though the Lamborghini Urus and Tata Harrier are two very distantly positioned SUVs in terms of pricing, both are currently enjoying popularity in the Indian car market. The Urus and Harrier are known for their impressive road presence and driving prowess, which has made them a crowd favourite. However, someone has come up with the idea of offering the elements of both these popular SUVs in a single package by offering a Urus body kit for the Tata Harrier.

Based in Ghitorni, Delhi, Smoke’em Customs is offering a Lamborghini Urus-inspired body kit for the Tata Harrier. In a video uploaded by Smoke’em Customs on Instagram, we can see that the minds at Smoke’em Customs are trying to make the Harrier look like a Lamborghini Urus from both front and rear with this kit. The whole kit is the brainchild of Sahil Kumar.

The Lamborghini kit on the Harrier is designed from ground-up. Which means, it can be designed for any other car of your choice. The front bumper, rear bumper and side skirts cost about Rs 60,000 without paint while the extended wide body fenders cost Rs 25,000. The paint and fitment cost Rs 25,000 more.

Tata Harrier converted into Lamborghini Urus lookalike with body kit for just Rs. 1.1 lakh [Video]

This Urus body kit for the Harrier includes a custom front bumper with all the creases, air dams and grille housings like those in the front bumper of the Lamborghini Urus. Here, the front bumper comes with customized housings for the split headlamps of the Harrier, which perfectly fit in them. However, the dual-functioning daytime running LEDs and turn indicators have been left untouched here.

The aftermarket multi-spoke alloy wheels and more aerodynamic covers for the rearview mirrors also look very much similar to those of the Urus. However, this Urus-inspired Harrier gets no changes to its door panels and front and rear fenders. The rear profile of this Tata Harrier also looks heavily tweaked with the Urus-inspired body kit. Here too, the changes are restricted only to the rear bumper, which looks much like that of the Lamborghini Urus with air dams on the corners and a faux diffuser in the middle.

Direct fit without any modifications

Tata Harrier converted into Lamborghini Urus lookalike with body kit for just Rs. 1.1 lakh [Video]

According to Smoke’em Customs, this custom Urus body kit for Tata Harrier is a direct fit for every variant of the SUV. The changes are mostly restricted to only the front and rear bumpers of the Harrier, with no changes to the rest of the body line of the SUV.

While the overall look of the Tata Harrier is purely subjective to one’s opinion, we must admit that the stance of the Harrier with this kit looks very different from that of the stock version of the SUV. Also, one must be aware that carrying out such modifications in a road-legal vehicle is illegal and is bound to attract hefty penalties if caught.

Since these are bolt-on kits, no permanent changes are done to the vehicle. All these changes are reversible and the stock bumpers can be installed whenever required. Since this is not a structural modification, there should not be any problem taking the vehicle on public roads. However, you should check with the police and RTO if such changes are allowed in your area.

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