Tata Harrier looks HOT in Lowrider Kit: 2 Digital mods before launch!

Tata Harrier looks HOT in Lowrider Kit: 2 Digital mods before launch!

Tata is yet to officially launched the Harriers SUV but the creative minds of our country have started their work already. The company is currently hosting media drive of the SUV somewhere in Jodhpur. As we have mentioned before, the Harrier is the current buzzword in the Indian automotive pace for all the right reasons. Many of India’s render artists have begun imagining how a modified Harrier would look like. We today bring you two Harrier renders which show the mod potential of the yet to be launched SUV.



Harrier Mod Render 2

Seen above is a lowrider Tata Harrier, courtesy Joanautodesign. The basic profile of the SUV is still the same but it looks a lot more hotter thanks to the various mods on this render. The most striking aspect on this Harrier are those ultra cool rose gold alloy wheels. The 5 spoke alloys have been further mated to low profile tires and the suspension setup has been lowered, giving it a low rider look. The door handles have been done in white which creates a beautiful contrast with the matte black body paint. Though with this modification, the Harrier loses out on any offroad capability whatsoever, it will be a perfect head turner during city usage. On a whole, we like this Harrier design and would trade the offroad prowess with the low rider look any day.



Harrier Mod Render 1

Coming on to the next render we have, It has been created by a render artist who goes by the Instagram handle of rtriadhie. This render also showcases the Harrier from the same rear three quarter angle, albeit in a different guise. If you are not a big fan of the stealth black Harrier discussed above, this one is probably for you. It has got a bright yellow paint job which we never knew would look so good. Tata has only showcased one official colour of the Harrier till that, which is orange. The yellow tone also matches Harrier’s personality. The lower body cladding has also been changed from black to yellow. However, a thin black cladding still flows across the length of the body. Taking things further are those large dual multi spoke alloy wheels. The 22 inch rims look bonkers and are shod with low profile tires.

Most of the satin chrome finish found on the exteriors has been replaced with body coloured or blacked out components.  The roof panel has been wrapped in black and the windows have been tinted to add privacy as well as appeal. It also has a lowered stance like the previous render. Also, the rear diffuser has been replaced with a blacked out unit.

Here is a picture of the stock Tata Harrier SUV, clicked from the same rear three quarter angle. Take a look and compare for yourself the changes and differences. Do let us know which one do like the most, the black one, yellow one or the stock Harrier.


Harrier Rear


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