Tata Motors’ design chief impressed by customer’s dual tone Harrier SUV

Tata Motors’ hottest new car – the Harrier SUV – does not get a dual tone job from the factory although a few Tata  dealers do offer such an option at a steep cost. Here is one such dealer-modified Tata Harrier in Calisto Copper  paint scheme, with a contrast black roof. The owner of this SUV, Mr. Vinu Balan, tweeted this to Tata Motors’ design  chief Pratap Bose, who had the following to say about the mod job.

Notably, Tata Motors’ official Twitter handle has also taken note of the mod-job, and has mentioned that the pictures have been forwarded to the concerned team for consideration. Now, it remains to be seen if Tata Motors offers the dual tone, contrast roof paint job on the Harrier as either a dealer accessory, or a factory custom. For now though, the response has been positive. Don’t be surprised to see Tata offering such an option in future.

The Harrier, which was launched in India in early 2019, has bagged over 15,000 bookings. Waiting times for the SUV  range from a few weeks to a couple of months in most cases, and this indicates stiff demand. The Harrier has begun  outselling the Jeep Compass, and is just behind the Mahindra XUV500. Once Tata Motors manages to produce enough of the Harrier, the SUV is likely to overtake the Mahindra XUV500 as well.

Tata Motors’ design chief impressed by customer’s dual tone Harrier SUV

The SUV’s prices range between Rs. 12.69 lakhs and Rs. 16.25 lakhs, ex-showroom Delhi, and this super competitive  pricing means that the Harrier straddles multiple segments, appealing to a wide range of SUV buyers. While the  Hyundai Creta is an obvious competitor for the lower variants of the SUV, the higher variants take on the Mahindra  XUV500, and in some cases the Jeep Compass.

Tata Motors’ design chief impressed by customer’s dual tone Harrier SUV

The Tata Harrier is currently offered with a single engine-gearbox combination. A 2 liter Fiat Multijet turbocharged  diesel engine powers the SUV, and makes 140 Bhp-350 Nm. This engine is mated to a 6 speed manual gearbox that drives the front wheels. There’s no all wheel drive feature on offer although there’s a ‘rough road’ mode on offer, which varies torque between the two front wheels of the SUV to maximise traction in low grip conditions.

By the end of this year, the Harrier will receive a 6 speed torque converter automatic gearbox sourced from Hyundai.  By the middle of next year, a turbocharged petrol motor, displacing 1.6 liters and making about 140 Bhp, is expected  to be offered as well. With these new options, the Harrier promises to be a well rounded SUV by the middle of 2020.