Tata Harrier flips while trying to avoid dog on highway: Driver walks away shaken but safe (Video)

Stray animals can cause catastrophic accidents on roads and we have seen numerous examples of the same in the past. Here is one more from Gurgaon-Faridabad Road. The incident happened in broad daylight and the Tata Harrier overturned on the road after trying to save a dog.

The owner of the car was alone in the vehicle when the incident happened. According to the eyewitnesses, the car crashed into the divider at high-speed, flipped and crossed to the other side. We can see that the guard rails are heavily damaged and are completely bent. The guard rail was missing from a section on the divider. The rails are designed to save the vehicles from such mishaps where the vehicles can cross over to the other side.

The driver looks visibly shaken but there are no injuries. The left A-pillar seems to have taken the impact of the accident and it has bent a bit too. The airbags have also worked and opened to keep the passenger safe.

It seems like a new car. However, we are not sure if the driver is experienced or a novice. According to the driver, a dog came running to the road, which is when he tried to save the dog and made a quick turn. The Harrier seems to be at a decent speed. It hit the divider and flipped.

SUVs are not stable at high speeds

Tata Harrier flips while trying to avoid dog on highway: Driver walks away shaken but safe (Video)

SUVs feature a tall design that results in a higher center of gravity, which in turn affects their handling capabilities. The combination of a softer suspension setup and the elevated center of gravity often leads to slower handling characteristics in many SUVs. Additionally, SUVs possess a higher mass, making it challenging to quickly change the direction of the vehicle’s momentum.

When attempting high-speed lane changes or taking sharp turns, SUVs may experience a loss of control. Even relatively minor turns at high speeds can induce significant body roll in SUVs. Consequently, they are not typically regarded as the most agile vehicles in terms of handling.

SUVs are larger vehicles that require extra attention rather than extensive experience. Modern-day SUVs offer a car-like driving experience, complete with power steering. The elevated seating position of SUVs, which provides a commanding view of the road, often leads to an intimidating presence, causing other vehicles to give way.

Tata Harrier and Safari are yet to be tested

Tata has yet to submit the Harrier for safety rating testing by Global NCAP. The specific reason for Tata’s decision not to send the vehicle for testing has not been disclosed. However, experts suggest that the Multijet engine in the Tata Harrier could potentially intrude into the cabin of right-hand drive (RHD) cars and pose a risk of injury to the driver. This is believed to be the main factor behind Tata’s delay in conducting a crash safety test. It’s worth noting that Tata sources the diesel engine for the Harrier and Safari models from Fiat, which is the same 2.0-liter diesel engine also used in the Jeep Compass and MG Hector in the Indian market.

Nevertheless, several past accidents involving the Tata Harrier have demonstrated the SUV’s impressive build quality, as occupants have often walked away from crashes without major injuries.

Looking ahead, crash safety tests are likely to become mandatory as proposed by the government. If this proposal becomes law, all manufacturers will be required to submit new cars for crash testing in order to obtain a safety star rating.

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