Tata Harrier gets new colours: Royale Blue and Tropical Mist

The country’s second-largest automaker Tata Motors has recently announced the addition of two new colours for its highly celebrated SUV Harrier. The two new colours now being offered on the Harrier are the Royale Blue and Tropical Mist shade.

Tata Harrier gets new colours: Royale Blue and Tropical Mist

With the announcement of these new colours, customers will now have a selection of 7 colours for the model and these colours are Grassland Beige (Kaziranga Edition), Oberon Black (Dark Edition), Royale Blue, Tropical Mist, Calypso Red, Orcus White, and Daytona Grey. Apart from the introduction of these colours, the SUV will not witness any further changes to the design or features.

Although what will change for the Harrier is its pricing. Recently Tata Motors announced a price hike for its entire range of vehicles in the country and with effect from April 23, 2022, the price of Harrier across all its variant range has increased. As of now, the Harrier ex-showroom pricing has been increased from Rs 9,590 to Rs 18,400, depending on the variant. The Harrier XE MT, XM MT, and XMA AT are all 12k more expensive. Following the price hike of Rs 9,590, the Harrier XZA AMT now costs almost 20 lakhs. Rs 14,64,900, Rs 16,04,900, and Rs 17,34,900, respectively, are the new price tags.

Harrier XT MT, XT+ MT, XT + Dark MT, XTA+ AMT, and XTA+ Dark AMT are 13.5k more expensive than Harrier XT MT. Ex-showroom prices for April 2022 are Rs 17,34,900, Rs 18,14,900, Rs 18,44,900, Rs 19,44,900, and Rs 19,74,900 respectively. The XZA+ Dark AMT model is now priced at Rs 21,94,900, which is a 13.9k increase, making it the most expensive variant in the lineup.

In other Tata news, the homegrown automaker recently unveiled the Avinya EV concept. The new EV is built on Tata’s new Gen 3 platform for pure electric vehicles, which will be available in the near future. The production-spec cars will be available in 2025, based on the Gen 3 platform. These cars are intended to have a driving range of more than 500 kilometres.

In Sanskrit, Avinya denotes “invention.” The design resembles a cross between an MPV and a hatchback. It gets a redesigned version of the Tata logo, which serves as the vehicle’s new identity. Furthermore, it defines the sheer breadth of the Avinya EV while also serving as an LED Daytime Running Lamp. Having said that, the new emblem is not likely to appear on the new automobiles.

Avinya’s design is distinctive and appealing. It has a dual-tone finish of copper and black. Since it is an electric car, there is no front grille and the front bonnet steepens significantly and creates the A-pillar. There are no standard rearview mirrors on the outside of the vehicle, instead, it comes with the cameras. On the sides, there are diamond-cut alloy wheels and a slot in the door sills.

The Avinya EV is 4.3 metres long, however, the cabin room is much larger while having the same footprint. The Gen 3 platform is just a skateboard platform, with the batteries installed on the floorboard. The batteries are also resistant to dust and water. Tata Motors has said that they would offer a variety of cars based on this platform, with varying body styles and driving ranges and will be changed dependent on demand.