Tata Harrier will be as powerful as Compass soon: Here is how!

Tata Harrier, which was a much-awaited SUV in the Indian market was launched in the Indian market at the starting of this year. The all-new Tata Harrier became the talk of the town because of its Land Rover D8-derived OMEGA platform and very unorthodox looks. Tata launched the Harrier with only a single engine and transmission combination. But soon, we may get to see a new combination and the Harrier becoming as powerful as the Jeep Compass.

Tata Harrier will be as powerful as Compass soon: Here is how!

Currently, the Tata Harrier gets a 140 PS engine while the Jeep Compass diesel gets a maximum power of 170 PS. It is quite interesting as both the cars are powered by the exact same engine. Tata’s 2.0-litre KRYOTEC diesel engine that powers the all-new Harrier is sourced from Fiat. In fact, it is the same Multijet diesel engine that powers the Jeep Compass diesel in the Indian market.

In the Tata Harrier, the engine produces a lower power because of the tuning but both the models get the similar torque output of 350 Nm. Now, the BS6 norms will be in place from April 2019 and the Tata Harrier will get a power boost! Recently, a heavily camouflaged version of the Tata Harrier was caught testing alongside the Jeep Compass test cars. It seems like both the cars are testing the new upgraded version of the Multijet engine, which will meet the upcoming BS6 emission norms.

But the big news here is the Tata Harrier’s power increase. With the new BS6 engine, Tata will also offer the full potential of 170 PS with the 2.0-litre diesel engine on the Harrier just like the Jeep Compass. The same engine powers the MG Hector, which also gets the same 170 PS – 350 Nm output like the Jeep Compass. This will put the Tata Harrier at par with the Jeep Compass and MG Hector while it will become more powerful than the Mahindra XUV500.

Tata will launch the new powerful version of the Harrier only next year when the BS6 implementation is near. With the updated engine, Tata may also introduce an automatic transmission with the Harrier. Currently, the Harrier is only offered with a 6-speed manual transmission. However, with the updated version, Tata is expected to offer a 6-speed automatic transmission, which will be sourced from Hyundai. It is the same transmission that is available with the Hyundai Tucson in the Indian market. The new automatic variant will be the most expensive version of the car.

There has been a lot of demand for automatic transmission-powered cars in the Indian market lately and with the addition of the transmission in Harrier, we can expect a jump in the sales number of Harrier in the coming year. Tata is not expected to add a petrol engine to the Harrier yet.

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