Tata Harrier: Why you should never leave your key inside the car! [Video]

Modern cars allow the owners to enter the vehicle without taking out the keys and the technology is getting more advanced, the use of the keys are becoming redundant. This is why many people forget about the keys and sometimes even leave them inside the vehicle. As a safety feature, many modern vehicles automatically locks itself to secure the vehicle. Well, here is a video from Amar Sakharkar that shows an ordeal of a Tata Harrier owner who left his keys inside the car and how much trouble he had to face to get the keys out.

The owner shares the experience where his original key was left inside the vehicle and the car got locked. According to the video, the spare key of the vehicle was not working so the only way to retrieve the car key was to gain entry inside the car. To do that, an attempt was made to break the window glass of the vehicle. However, as the automobile glasses are laminated, it is not an easy job to break them.

After securing the whole window with tape, a person tried to break the glass with the help of a hammer. It should be noted that automobile glasses do not break with sharp edges. They break with smooth edges that do not cause cuts or hurt in most cases. The tape was placed to ensure that the glass does not spread inside the vehicle, which will become a big task for cleaning up.

Tata Harrier: Why you should never leave your key inside the car! [Video]

The person failed to break the glass with the hammer since the pressure was being applied to a large area. The video shows the service person using full force to break the window but it simply does not gives in and breaks. Later, after a few onlookers give the advice to use a sharper object, the person brings in a chisel and breaks the glass completely. The chisel ensured that the force is applied to a small area and the glass breaks. This is what specialised glass breakers also offer. They have a pointy edge that can be used to put pressure on a single point and break the glass completely.

Such incidents are quite common and in many cases, the roadside assistance provides help. It is always a good idea to double-check if you have keys with you while leaving the car. Many cars warn the driver if they leave the keys inside after switching off the engine and many other cars also have a feature that does not allow the owners to lock the vehicle through the door button if the key is inside the car.