Tata Harrier: Why you should never leave your key inside the car

We have debated enough about whether technology is a boon or a curse. Most of the time it’s a boon, as it makes life much more seamless and comfortable. Manual interventions are reducing day by day. One such example in the automobiles sector is keyless entry and start. It’s now a given, in almost all the top-end variants of any new car launched. People are still in the phase of getting used to operating a car without a key and therefore as a result leave the keys inside the car. To solve this, manufacturers have even extended the feature wherein the car will prompt you to take your key when you turn off the car. However, there are others where the car locks the door in such situations as a safety measure. Here is one such incident where the owner left his keys inside the cabin of his Tata Harrier.

The video is uploaded by Amar Sakharkar where he shows how they try to break the glass to enter the car. The owner was clearly having a bad day, with one key inside the locked car and the spare key not working. Therefore, the only option left was to break into the car and retrieve the key that was working. Breaking an automobile glass is definitely not an easy job. All automobiles, especially in today’s day and age, use laminated glass.

This means that there are several layers of glass stuck to each other making it extremely tough to cut through. The owner to it to a workshop, where a mechanic is seen trying to break through the glass. He first, secures the glass with adhesive tape all over on the driver’s side. The tape is put so that the small pieces of the shattered glass don’t spill all over as cars use safety glass that is made to break with smooth edges that cannot be cut. The mechanic then tried to break it with a hammer but sadly the hammer bounces back without making any impact on the glass of the car.

Tata Harrier: Why you should never leave your key inside the car


The mechanic is seen using his full force with the hammer, however, due to the hammer being blunt in nature and thereafter spreading the force applied on a larger area, they are unable to get in.

After a few failed attempts, the onlookers suggest using a sharper instrument to break into the car. They get a chisel and are able to break the glass completely. The chisel helped to gather the force applied in a relatively smaller area. The chisel has a pointy edge which helps to put an impact on a small single point to shatter the glass completely.

These incidents are becoming quite popular with people moving from a manual intervention using the key to operate a car to an automatic keyless car. Therefore, its always to your benefit, if you double-check for your keys before exiting a parked car. With technology, these minuscule problems are also being solved. Manufacturers have posed solutions like the car prompting to take your keys after you switch off the engine of the car or the car not getting locked with the door button if the key is left inside the cabin.