Tata Harrier fuel economy run: Here’s what we got! [VIDEO]

We have been conducting fuel economy runs for the past few months and they seem to have gone down well with both readers of our website and viewers of Cartoq’s Youtube channel. The Harrier has been in demand from you guys for a fuel economy video and the moment we got access to the media vehicle here in Delhi, we set out for the “kitna deti hai” run! At the end of the 179 km run, the Tata Harrier managed an impressive 23.9 kmpl. Don’t believe us? Hit the play button right away!

As we did with the previous runs, the Harrier was driven on the same route of Yamuna Expressway. This connects Noida with Agra and is usually devoid of traffic. We were two team members on board, the climate control was set at 26 degrees and cruise at an indicated 80 km/h. This was a run to extract the highest economy and hence the slower speeds. Ofcourse, we seldom drive at such speeds on an expressway but the idea was to see how much would the Harrier deliver when driven with a light right foot. The Yamuna expressway is wide enough and for safety, we stuck to the left most lane.

Do note that we conduct these runs on a tankful to tankful basis so that the actual calculation is as error-free as possible. We fill up the vehicle from our trusted fuel pump, carry extra fuel in bottles and repeat the exercise at the starting point. This takes time as air bubbles escape out and we ensure the fuel level reaches the top properly. The same exercise is repeated at the end of the run. In this case, the Harrier took in just 7.49 litres of diesel for 179 km. This translated into a figure of 23.9 kmpl, almost as much as what the on-board trip computer showed us. The Harrier comes with an ARAI certified economy of 16.7 kmpl which means we improved this by a massive 43%!

Tata Harrier fuel economy run: Here’s what we got! [VIDEO]

The Tata Harrier makes use of the same 2.0-litre diesel engine that powers the Jeep Compass too. However, here it makes less power which is more than ample for the segment. The engine is mated to a 6 speed gearbox and during the run, slotted in the 6th gear, the engine was spinning at just under 1500 rpm – the reason why we got an impressive fuel economy figure. Unfortunately, Tata is not offering an optional automatic as of now and even a 4×4 set-up has been given a miss. The Harrier competes with vehicles like the Jeep Compass and the Mahindra XUV500. Prices start at Rs 12.69 lakh, ex-showroom Delhi.