Tata Harrier modified to look like Lamborghini Urus looks butch [Video]

The Tata Harrier is one of the most popular SUVs in its segment. This Made-in-India SUV has a huge fan base, which is directly reflected in its sales. We have come across several videos related to the Tata Harrier on the internet. However, we have not seen many videos where a Harrier has been completely transformed or converted into something else. It is already an impressive-looking SUV, and here we have a video where a customer decided to give his Harrier a makeover by modifying it with a custom-made body kit inspired by the Lamborghini Urus SUV.

The video has been uploaded by Khanna Omkar on his YouTube channel. In this video, the vlogger talks about all the changes that have been made to the SUV and also how hard it was for the garage to create something like this. The work on this Harrier was done by a Delhi-based workshop named Smoke’em Customs. The owner of the workshop is also seen in the video. The video mentions that the Harrier had come to the workshop for the second time. When the owner approached with this idea the first time, they told the Harrier owner that they couldn’t do it as no one had done something like this in India till date.

The owner took the car to another workshop where it was poorly modified. The owner realized that he was not happy with the work, so he came back to Smoke’em Customs in search of a better modification. This time, they agreed to do it, but the amount of work they had in front of them was way more than before. They had to bring the SUV back to its original look and also modify the exterior with the Urus kit. They had no other car in the country for reference as this was the first Harrier to receive such a modification. They took their time to make a custom body kit for the Harrier to complete the look.

Tata Harrier modified to look like Lamborghini Urus looks butch [Video]
Tata Harrier modified with Urus kit

The front bumper was completely built from scratch. The bumper has been designed in such a manner that it adds to the look of the car while not compromising the ground clearance. The headlamps remain the same; however, the position of the lights is now slightly higher than the stock Harrier. This was intentionally done to achieve a bolder look, and the video mentions that they had to think of it in advance as they had to make space for the headlamp cluster in the bumper. Making the bumper was challenging as it was a single unit.

The side profile of the SUV also gets some changes. The wheel arches have been widened, and side skirtings have been installed. The wide wheel arches now offer a bulky look to the SUV, along with the front bumper. The rear bumper also gets a custom-made diffuser, and the tail lights have been modified too. There is an LED strip running between the stock tail lamps. The stock alloy wheels on this SUV were also replaced with 20-inch all-black aftermarket alloy wheels. The finished product looks very neat, and the all-black theme of the car is helping a lot in this case. The video mentions that it took them around 3 months to complete this project, and the owner had to spend around Rs 2.5 lakh.