Meet India’s only Tata Harrier to be driven by a Xbox controller

Modern-day vehicles have become more like computers and are way different compared to the cars from decades ago. In those cars, there was almost no electrical component was present in the vehicle except for the lamps in the vehicle. Modern-day vehicles are way different. Almost all the operations in a modern-day vehicle are controlled by ECU and other chipsets. Here is a group of engineers who have worked together to control a Tata Harrier through a regular controller of a gaming console – Xbox. Here are the details.

Before moving forward, we must clarify that we think that this is a prank video. That is because the video was uploaded on 1st April and they talk about the Android Auto firing the spark plug, which is unusual. Secondly. the Harrier is a diesel, which means it doesn’t have spark plugs. What the Harrier instead has is a set of glow plugs, which help during cold starts by warming the diesel-air mixture.  

To control the Harrier through the controller of Xbox, they have a few components with them. There is a Raspberry Pi, a phone charger and a few other things. The starting of the video explains the simple circuit diagram of the process.

The plan is to flash Android Auto into the Raspberry Pi and connect it to the charger. The Raspberry Pi will also get connected to the fuse box. They also plan to start the vehicle remotely through the remote. One should note that Tata does not offer remote-controlled ignition start or stop with the Harrier.

The group of engineers then write several lines of codes in Python language. Then they transfer the code to the Raspberry Pi and connect it to the car. However, it does not work the first time.

Car starts remotely

Meet India’s only Tata Harrier to be driven by a Xbox controller

After failing to start the vehicle remotely, they then flash the Raspberry Pi directly and connect it to the vehicle. In the end, he was able to start and stop the vehicle using the remote exclusively. He even moves the vehicle in reverse first and then takes it forward.

The video shows the car from inside and there is no one controlling the steering wheel or the accelerator of the car. The person drives the vehicle around the apartment compound only. However, it does look very futuristic and the whole idea works extremely well.

Even though they are making the Harrier turn inside the compound, the person who is handling the controller says that it does not feel confident. This is because they have not mapped the steering in the best way and it will take more fine-tuning.

Cars get hacked too

With the rise of technology and integration of cars with the Internet and more modern devices, hackers are having a ball. A few years ago, a group of hackers demonstrated that they can remotely target any modern-day vehicle. They even remotely stopped a Jeep to show how vulnerable the new vehicles have become.

With the rise of such technology and connected vehicles, more such hackers are expected to rise in the future. However, even the manufacturers are taking steps to firewall their vehicles better and to keep the customers safe from any kind of hacking.

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