Watch Tata Harrier effortlessly drive across snow in Kashmir [Video]

Tata Harrier has gained quite a popularity in the Indian market. The all-new SUV was launched earlier this year at a starting price of Rs. 12.69 lakhs and there is already a waiting period of over three months on the Harrier. The Harrier is only offered in a 2WD drive format, which received a lot of criticism from the market but instead, Tata developed a new Terrain Response System for the FWD SUV. Here is a video that shows how well it works in snow.

The video shows Tata Harrier on the snow in Kashmir. The SUV can be seen driving on the snow without any problem whatsoever. Tata short video shows two Tata Harrier on the snow-topped road of Kashmir. It turns out that this video was taken during the promotional ad shooting of the Harrier even before the Harrier was launched in the market.

Tata Harrier is the first SUV that is based on the Omega Arc platform. The Omega Arc has been derived from Land Rover’s D8 platform. The highly capable platform the Harrier does not offer a 4WD system. However, Tata developed a Terrain Response System, which works on the front wheels of the vehicle to make it more capable than the regular 2WD SUV. The Terrain Response System comes with three modes – Normal, Wet and Rough.

The modes make the vehicle more capable by working on the front wheels and ensuring that the power is only sent to the wheel, which is in contact with the ground. This makes the Harrier more capable in various terrains when compared to the regular FWD SUVs. However, it is not as capable as the AWD or 4X4 SUVs out there in the market. There is no substitute for getting power on all the wheels in challenging situations. Tata’s overall sales of 4X4 vehicles are lower than 1% of the total sales, which makes it too expensive to offer the 4WD system on the Harrier. While most people go for the 2WD option and are happy with it, many enthusiasts have voiced their concerns about the missing feature in the Harrier.

The Tata Harrier is powered by a 2.0-litre diesel engine sourced from Fiat. It is the same engine that also powers the Jeep Compass in India. The 2.0-litre KRYOTEC engine produces a maximum power of 138 Bhp and a peak torque of 350 Nm. Tata only offers a 6-speed manual transmission with the Harrier at the moment but soon, a 6-speed automatic transmission is expected to be available on the all-new SUV. The Tata Harrier also gets driving modes that change the power output of the vehicle.

Tata has equipped the Harrier quite generously and it comes with the segment-leading touchscreen infotainment system and 9-speaker system from JBL. It gets a sub-woofer too. The Harrier also comes with features like 7.1-inch LCD instrument cluster screen, cooled compartment, automatic disc wiping, off-road ABS and many more.