Check out the Tata Harrier with the Special Accessories pack [Video]

Accessories are something that can enhance the practicality and aesthetics of any car. They range from full-blown exterior body kit accessories to a simple interior perfume. They can either be bought from the dealerships (official accessories) or from other automotive garages and shops. Though official accessories often cost a premium, they would not void your car’s warranty as can be the case with some aftermarket kits. The video below by Ujjwal Saxena showcases official accessory pack for the Tata Harrier along with their pricing and installation. Check it out before we head onto the detials.

According to the video, there are two accessories combo kits available at dealerships for the Tata Harrier. The one showcased in the video is the Special Accessories Combo pack, which has a sticker price of Rs. 25,999. It includes various different accessories for both the exteriors and the interiors of the Tata Harrier. Now the Harrier is itself a pretty handsome car but with these add-ons, it looks even better. Let’s get to know what all different accessories are part of this combo pack kit.

the first accessory shown in the video is a 3D Harrier badging, which is applied on the bonnet. Then there is an under grille chrome front garnishing, which is a 3 piece unit. Then comes an 8 piece chrome moulding set with bumper protection and door side mouldings. They are applied one at each bumper corner on both the front and the rear along with at the sides of all the four doors. The kit also includes two front parking sensors which help while parking the big SUV. All the four wheels get mud flaps in this kit and the area between both the tail lamps gets chrome garnish

Check out the Tata Harrier with the Special Accessories pack [Video]

To lend a sporty nature to the Harrier, the kit also includes dummy exhaust chrome garnish, one on either side. The boot deck gets added protection along with bling in the form of boot chrome garnishing. This prevents any scratches to the boot deck while loading and unloading stuff from the boot. A matte silver car cover is also offered with the Special Accessory combo kit. Talking of the interior kit, the package includes 5 piece 3D PVC designer floor mats. They get Harrier branding on them along with some pattern.

Then comes a 9 piece dashboard mat set. These small mats can be used in various places like the cupholders, storage below the centre console and rear door pockets among others. They are anti-slip and hence would be useful to keep stuff on. A big 3D trunk mat also comes as a part of the package. Lastly, the kit offers a platinum duster and microfibre cleaning cloth which helping in dusting and cleaning of the car. According to the video, all the accessories would cost about Rs. 31,500 if bought individually. However, the Special accessories Combo pack is priced at Rs 25,999, which means that it could save you quite a bit of money if you want to go for official accessories.