Tata Harrier SUV: 10 things that you should know about

After the successful launches like the Tiago and the Nexon in the Indian market, Tata is preparing for the next big launch. Codenamed as the H5X, Tata revealed the official name of the upcoming SUV as Harrier. Here are 10 things that you should know about the upcoming flagship of Tata.

Retains 85% of the concept design

Tata Harrier SUV: 10 things that you should know about

Tata unveiled the H5X concept at the 2018 Auto Expo and stunned the onlookers. The sharp looking design of the SUV was appreciated by many. Tata announced that the production form of the Harrier will be up to 80% similar to the concept model. As we are getting closer to the launch, leaked pictures are revealing the vehicle will look when launched in its production. From the pictures, it can be said that the production version Harrier retains more than 80% design of the concept H5X.

Gets Italian engine, Korean transmission

Tata Harrier SUV: 10 things that you should know about

Tata has officially revealed that the 2.0-litre KRYOTEC engine will power the SUV. The engine is supplied by Fiat and is the same engine that powers the Jeep Compass diesel in the Indian market. In the Harrier, the same engine will produce around 140 Bhp. Being a premium offering, Tata will also offer an automatic transmission with the Harrier. Along with the 6-speed manual transmission, Tata will also offer a 6-speed automatic that will be supplied by Hyundai.

Massive Land Rover connection

The Harrier is the first vehicle that will be based on the OMEGA platform of the brand. It is a highly modified version of the LS550 platform of Jaguar Land Rover. The same platform also underpins luxury SUVs like the Land Rover Discovery. Tata has not altered the platform much. They have replaced the expensive aluminium with the high tensile steel to keep the price in check.

You can book one NOW!

Tata Harrier SUV: 10 things that you should know about

Tata Motors has officially started taking the bookings from 15th October 2018. The vehicle can be booked at any of the Tata dealers across India and prospective buyers can also book it online at a payment of Rs. 30,000. Looking at the popularity of the vehicle, it is expected to get a long waiting period in the market.

However, you can get it only next year

The Harrier will be launched in early 2019. Tata has not officially announced a launch date of the SUV it is rumoured to be launched by the end of January. The Harrier will enter into production by the end of this year and the dealership dispatches are expected to start soon after. This will give Tata enough time to keep a good stock of the vehicles to cope with the high demand.

Has been thoroughly tested

Tata Harrier SUV: 10 things that you should know about

Being an all-new vehicle, Tata has been testing the Harrier for a long time now. The vehicle has been caught testing in challenging terrains in all the corners of the country. Tata officially reveals that collectively, the test mules of the Harrier have been tested for 22 lakh kilometres, which is roughly 10 years of ownership. Apart from the outdoor tests, the Harrier has been tested intensely in the Tata’s indoor facilities too.

Benchmarking with Jeep Compass

Test mules of the Tata Harrier have been spotted with the Jeep Compass on the roads. Tata is targeting the Compass in the segment and benchmarking tests reveal that Tata either wants to offer the same level of quality as the Jeep Compass or wants to exceed the quality.

But will be much cheaper!

Tata Harrier SUV: 10 things that you should know about

Tata will put a very attractive price on the Harrier just like the other products in the line-up. The Harrier will only get the diesel engine but the price is expected to start at around Rs. 16 lakhs, on-road, which is much cheaper than the diesel version of the Jeep Compass that starts at Rs. 16.55 lakhs, ex-showroom. Even the top-end of Hyundai Creta is priced at Rs. 15.03 lakhs, which will be similar to the Harrier’s ex-showroom price.

Will get a bigger sibling too!

The Harrier will be a 5-seater SUV but at a later date, the brand will also launch a long-wheelbase version, which is codenamed as H7X. The H7X will be a three-row, 7-seater SUV and will take on the full-size products like the Toyota Fortuner and Ford Endeavour. It is likely to be launched by the end of 2019.

Most premium product from the brand

Tata Harrier SUV: 10 things that you should know about

The Tata Harrier will be the most expensive and most premium product from the brand till date. Tata is expected to offer a range of features like floating touchscreen infotainment system, 6-airbag system, sunroof, leather seats and premium feel plastic parts on the interior parts. It sure will feel extremely plush and comfortable.

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