Tata Harrier SUV hit by a truck: Here is the result [Video]

Accidents on Indian highways have become common instances now, thanks to reckless driving practices by vehicle drivers, non-compliance with rules and sometimes irregularities in road infrastructure. Some of these accidents are fatal and even cause serious damage to the vehicles involved. However, some vehicles absorb the impact of such gruesome accidents pretty well. Such cars showcase their tough build quality while keeping the passengers safe on the inside. It has been proven by the Tata Harrier, one of the most rugged SUVs available in India.

A YouTube video from Prateek Singh showcases how a Tata Harrier sustains impact when it got hit by a truck coming from behind. The said incident is from Rajasthan, where the Harrier was being driven on a state highway, with a truck in front of it and another truck trailing it. There came a moment, when the truck at the front stopped suddenly, to save an animal which came in the middle of the highway.

To save that animal, the truck driver applied the brakes, forcing the driver of the Harrier coming behind to apply the brakes of the SUV as well. However, the truck behind the Harrier was not quick enough to respond to the sudden brake application, due to which he lost control over the truck and rammed the Harrier from the rear right-hand side.

Massive damages

Tata Harrier SUV hit by a truck: Here is the result [Video]

This impact damaged the right-side profile of the SUV badly, as seen in the video. The Tata Harrier also suffered from an impact at the front, as it also hit the truck at the front. However, the damages at the front, including a dent on the bonnet and a broken front bumper, are not as significant as the damages on the side profile. As soon as this accident happened, the driver of the truck at the front fled from the spot, fearing the consequences.

In the video, we can see that the truck at the back suffered massive damages, with comparatively lesser damages to the Tata Harrier. It demonstrates the tough build quality of the Harrier, which is often regarded as one of the safest SUVs in the mass-market midsize SUV category. All the passengers seated inside the Harrier and the drivers of both trucks are safe and haven’t sustained any injuries.

Always maintain adequate distance while driving with a vehicle ahead

Had the truck driver driving behind the Harrier maintained adequate distance between his truck and the SUV ahead, this accident could have been avoided. Keeping distance between vehicles is critical, and if this is not followed, it could lead to many accidents.

Harrier is yet to be tested by GNCAP

The Tata Harrier, along with the Safari, is the only vehicle from Tata Motors, which hasn’t been tested yet by the Global NCAP in its crash tests. However, the SUV has time and again proven its tough build in several such accidents. The Harrier is available as a diesel-only model, with a 2.0-litre four-cylinder diesel engine as its standard powertrain. Available with both 6-speed manual and 6-speed automatic transmission choices, this engine produces 170 PS of maximum power and 350 Nm of maximum torque.w

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