Tata Harrier SUV modified with camping and cooking set up looks neat

Tata Harrier is a popular SUV in its segment. It competes with cars like MG Hector, Hyundai Creta, Kia Seltos in the segment. Harrier became popular among buyers for its imposing and muscular look. The SUV is available with decent amount of features and is also known for its build quality like many other Tata products. We have seen several modification videos for Tata Harrier in the past. Here we have a video, where a couple has actually converted the boot of their Harrier into a kitchen which can be used by them while they are on road trips.

The video has been uploaded by Walk Into The Wild on their YouTube channel. In this video, the vlogger shows a Tata Harrier has that looks like any other regular Harrier from outside. The couple who are travelling in the Harrier park the SUV on their camping site for the night. They get out of the vehicle and start setting up the awning. It was actually a sheet that was holding on to suction mounts that were placed on the roof of the Harrier. These mounts are removed when they are not in use.

The couple tried to put awning but due to strong winds, they could not do it and they waited for the wind slow down. They even have a foldable bed set up inside the cabin but, that is not shown in the video. The major modification done on this Harrier is in the boot. The boot has been completely transformed into a kitchen. There is a small cabinet made in the boot which stores all the essentials that are needed during the trip. There is a box to keep things and other perishable items cool. The other partition is for the stove and once the stove is pulled out, there are spice and other items placed behind it.

Tata Harrier SUV modified with camping and cooking set up looks neat

The design of the cabinet and the way the space was utilised looks good in the video. They even have a portable sink which can be used to clean vegetables and other items when they cook. The description of the video seen here mentions that the modifications seen on the Harrier was done by the couple only and was a DIY project. It looks pretty neat considering the fact that the modifications were done by them alone. The couple has installed fairy lights inside the cabin and there are couple of LED lights to light up the rear when they are cooking food.

Throughout the video, the couple do not explain anything related to the modification, expense or even the time taken to make these changes. These modifications do not affect the exterior or interior of the Harrier. The only thing with this customisation is that the boot space got compromised. The work done looks very neat and it would be a perfect vehicle for those who love to experience camping and want to spend more time with nature that in a hotel room with all the facilities. We have seen several modification of similar type in the past but, this is probably the first time we have seen a Harrier with such a modification.

Ajeesh Kuttan

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