Tata Harrier SUV owner moves a Maruti WagonR wrongly parked with his bare hands [Video]

Tata Harrier owner moves wagonr with hands

People in India are not the best when it comes to parking their vehicles. Many times, people hastily park their vehicles on the road and leave for work. These individuals do not care if a massive traffic jam takes place after they leave, causing inconvenience for many. However, some people do not wait for these careless owners to arrive to remove their vehicles. Recently, an example of such a man has been shared online. A Tata Harrier owner, in a video, managed to push aside a wrongly parked Maruti Suzuki WagonR with his bare hands.


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Picking up a car with bare hands

This incredible video of the man picking up a Maruti Suzuki WagonR and putting it aside has been shared by Multiwheelss on their Instagram page. It starts off with two people driving through a narrow road in a Tata Harrier SUV. The video recorder, after noticing a wrongly parked Maruti Suzuki WagonR, states that they should back up because they would not be able to move ahead. After this, his friend and the driver exit the vehicle. His friend puts his back on the WagonR’s rear right quarter panel and pushes it all the way behind. He then comes back smiling, and they cross the road.

Is this real?

Tata Harrier SUV owner moves a Maruti WagonR wrongly parked with his bare hands [Video]

Many people who saw the video on Instagram asked if it is real or not. Well, it’s real, but it’s not entirely real. This is because the part where the Tata Harrier driver picks up the car and puts it aside from the road seems legit. He can be seen using his strength to do this part. However, the same cannot be said for the setting of the video. Generally, people do not record on their mobile phones while driving somewhere. Additionally, the way the recorder spoke seemed like this had been staged. Nonetheless, it was a video created for entertainment, and no one was harmed during its shooting.

How to avoid such situations?

Generally, if someone has parked their vehicle in an unconventional and inconvenience-causing manner, there is not much that anyone can do about it. The only two things that can be done are either calling the traffic police authorities to get the vehicle removed via a tow truck or waiting for the owner of the vehicle to arrive at the place to remove it. The only other thing that can be done is asking in the neighborhood about the owner of the vehicle and contacting them to remove their vehicle to relieve the inconvenience.

Properly park your vehicle

Tata Harrier SUV owner moves a Maruti WagonR wrongly parked with his bare hands [Video]

Improper parking is one of the biggest problems in India. Many people, being in a rush, park their vehicles in a haphazard manner, causing inconvenience to others. Sometimes, we could also find ourselves on the wrong side of this case. So, our request to everyone is that no matter how hurried you are, please ensure that your vehicle has been parked in a safe and secured manner, which does not cause inconvenience to anyone. If we all take care of this thing, then this problem can be eradicated.