Tata Harrier stuck in slush needs two Tiagos to rescue it [Video]

Tata Harrier, the newest launch from the Indian manufacturer has become quite popular in the market. The all-new SUV comes with a long list of features, however, certain critical features that define an SUV are missing from the Harrier. Even though the all-new Harrier is based on the all-new Land Rover D8 platform-derived Omega Arc platform, the absence of a 4WD system and a low-ratio transfer case limits its capability on the roads. Instead, Tata offers a 14 function Electronic Stability Program (ESP) that allows the Harrier to reach a few difficult spots but not extremely challenging locations.

Here is a video by ATOM Bengal channel on YouTube shows a Tata Harrier royally stuck in the mud and two Tata Tiago hatchbacks rescuing the SUV. The video in the collage form shows the Tata Harrier entering an off-road track that is full of water. Even though the Harrier gets ESP system, it is not enough for the FWD vehicle to take on such extreme road surfaces.

The Tata Harrier can be seen getting stuck soon after the front wheels get on the watered track. Due to the loss of traction in the front wheels and no power to the rear wheels, the Harrier could not rescue itself by reversing. The Harrier is a front-wheel-drive vehicle and with no traction due to the mud in the front wheels, the vehicle could not have been reversed on its own.

This is where the Tata Tiagos come into the picture. The Tiago hatchbacks, which was parked right behind the Harrier towed the Harrier in reverse. But does this mean that the Tiago is more capable than the Harrier? Absolutely not! The Tiago was still on the dry surface and had ample traction to pull out the Harrier. With the ESP system in place, bigger wheels, powerful engine and high ground clearance, the Harrier will be able to do reach quite a few challenging places where the Tiago cannot even imagine to reach.

The Tata Harrier gets features like Anti-lock braking system, electric brake force distribution, corner stability program, off-road ABS, electric traction control, electronic stability control, hill hold control, hill descent control, rollover mitigation, brake disc wiping, hydraulic brake assist, dynamic wheel torque by brake and more.

Tata Harrier stuck in slush needs two Tiagos to rescue it [Video]

Features like the off-roading ABS and Dynamic Torque by Brake play a vital role during the off-roading challenges. The dynamic torque by brake system applies the brake to any of the front wheels that start to move freely after the vehicle gets stuck. This ensures that the power is transferred only to the wheel that has some kind of traction. However, in situations like the one seen in the video where both the wheels are slipping, the dynamic braking feature does not help much.

Tata may launch a 4WD version of the Harrier if the demand for the vehicle rises. Currently, there is no plan to launch a more capable Harrier in the market.