Tata Harrier vs Hyundai Verna in a SUV vs Sedan drag race [Video]

In the past we have featured a lot of drag races and highway top-end battles between cars and bikes. The battle does not seem to end, now we have a video that shows the drag race between cars from two different segments. One is an SUV and the other is a sedan. The drag race is between Tata Harrier and Hyundai Verna. The video has been uploaded by All in one youtube channel. Who wins the race? Let’s take a look at the video first.

The race has been conducted on an open highway which we don’t recommend at all. Both the Verna and the Harrier used here have one thing in common and that is they are both powered by a diesel engine. The race is held in two rounds. In the first round, as soon as the race starts Hyundai Verna takes the lead and maintains it throughout the race. The harrier on the other hand revvs hard and tries to chase the Verna which has left Harrier behind. Verna wins the first round by a margin.

After covering some distance they take a U turn and conduct the second round of the race and this time also, the results are not different. The Verna takes the lead and wins the race unanimously. Why did that happen?. Even though Harrier has a more powerful and bigger engine than that of Verna, one factor that helped Verna win the race is the weight. Hyundai Verna is way more lighter than that of Tata Harrier and the design also plays a cruicial role. Hyundai Verna is a sedan and sits low and it reacts less amount of drag while doing triple digits or high speed runs. Harrier on the other had sits high and creates a lot more drag than that of Verna.

Tata Harrier vs Hyundai Verna in a SUV vs Sedan drag race [Video]

Driving styles also matter a lot. The way you shift gear or release the clutch, all these small things make a difference. But in this case it was purely because of the weight of the Harrier and design that it lost the race. The Harrier is powered by a 2.0 litre turbocharged diesel engine that produces 138 Bhp and 350 Nm of torque whereas the Hyundai Verna diesel used in the race was powered by a 1.6 litre diesel engine producing 126 bhp and 260 nm of peak torque.

This race was done on a highway and we do not support that. It is always recommended to do conduct such acts in a closed environment for your safety and the safety of others on road.