Tata Harrier vs Jeep Compass: All that we know so far!

If you ask any enthusiast what’s the buzzword in the auto industry currently, the most probable answer would be Harrier. Yes, the upcoming Tata Harrier has taken the market by storm. Tata even went a step ahead than everyone and gave the first look of the car in an exclusive TVC.

The Harrier is based on the H5X concept which was shown at the Delhi Auto Expo 2018. What is interesting to note here is the fact that Tata has managed to keep the production version as close to concept as possible, which is a feat only few vehicles achieve.

It will be the most premium offering from Tata until the bigger H7X arrives. The main rivals the Harrier will have to face are Mahindra XUV500, Jeep Compass and Hyundai Creta among others. Let’s take a look at how the radical looking Harrier will take the fight to the already big seller Jeep Compass.


Tata Harrier vs Jeep Compass: All that we know so far!

Talking of the Compass, the compact Jeep SUV has a typical SUV body language with straight lines, squared wheel arches and a stance that makes it look bigger than it really is. The typical Jeep DNA is omnipresent throughout the vehicle with many design elements taken from its big brother Grand Cherokee. The font is dominated by the signature seven slated grille and sleek head lamps. Both of the cars look really good and final result depends on personal liking.

Tata Harrier vs Jeep Compass: All that we know so far!

Interiors and Features

Tata Harrier vs Jeep Compass: All that we know so far!

Tata has revealed almost all details about its upcoming SUV except for its interiors. Though we have some spyshots that give a fair idea of how the car will be, official reveal is still sometime away. Based on the leaks, we can say that Tata has taken the interior game a few notches up when compared to its previous models. The Harrier will come with premium interiors with black themed dashboard accentuated by chrome highlights. The main feature however is the large floating infortainment screen, which probably will come with Apple Car Play and Android Auto support.

The five seater SUV will come with features like 6-airbag system, sunroof, leather seats and use of premium feel plastic parts on the interior parts. Reports also suggest that the Harrier will come with different drive modes. The fit and finish is expected to be of top notch too since this will be a flagship vehicle for the company.

Coming to the Jeep Compass, the Premium compact SUV too gives a good fight in terms of interiors and features. It comes with a set of comfortable front seats, which many say are among the best in the segment. The car also gets features like dual-zone climate control, bi-xenon headlamps, auto up/down front windows, a decent 7-inch touchscreen infotainment system along with keyless entry and ignition to top the list off.

Tata Harrier vs Jeep Compass: All that we know so far!

The plain and sober cabin has a mature feel to it and is made of premium materials. The safety kit on the car includes ABS, dual airbags, electronic stability control, and hill-start assist. The top of the line variant (Limited) gets eight airbags, traction control, cornering lights and adaptive brake lights to boot.



Tata Harrier vs Jeep Compass: All that we know so far!

In terms of sheer size, the Harrier beats the Compass hands down. Not only the compass but the whole segment in fact. Tata has not yet revealed the official dimension stats of the vehicle but by observing various leaks, we are confidant that the Harrier is no small vehicle but rather the biggest one in its category.

To get you an idea, The H5X concept measured 4575x1960x1686 mm (LxWxH) and had a wheelbase of 2,740 mm. The production version specs may be different but expect them to linger around the same number as Tata hasn’t made much changes to the design and exterior.

The Jeep Compass when compared to the Harrier is much smaller, so much so that it feels a segment lower than it. The car measures 4395x1818x1640 mm (LxWxH) and has a wheelbase of 2,640 mm. That makes it smaller in every aspect be it length height or wheelbase. Reports suggest that the Harrier may be even bigger than the CR-V in terms of sheer size.


Tata Harrier vs Jeep Compass: All that we know so far!

Tata is aiming high with the Harrier and hence has worked on all departments to ensure that the car comes out to be a winner. The car gets powered by a Fiat sourced 2 litre, 4 cylinder KRYOTEC diesel engine. This engine is in fact the 2.0 litre Fiat Multijet engine which has been re badged by Tata Motors for use on their products. The engine will also employ a turbocharger which will use variable geometry to function precisely. The Harrier will also will also come with multi-drive modes . The top-end variant Harrier will get an all wheel drive system as the company previously revealed that the engine will be paired to a terrain response system. Power outputs could be expected to be in the range of around 140 Bhp but final specs could vary.

The Jeep Compass also gets Fiat engines as its owned by Fiat only (FCA). However, it has a diesel engine and a petrol both as options. The petrol motor is a 1.4 litre Multiair engine that churns out 161 Bhp of power and 250 Nm of torque. The diesel motor on the other hand is the same 2.0 litre Multijet engine which will be used on the Harrier but it here will produce 171 Bhp of power and 350 Nm of torque.


Tata Harrier vs Jeep Compass: All that we know so far!

The Harrier gets its diesel heart from Italy (Fiat) so how could the transmission stay behind. The Harrier gets a 6-speed torque converter that will be supplied by the Koreans (Hyundai). The Suv will also sport a 6-speed manual transmission option for those who like things done old school.

The Jeep Compass however comes without an automatic gearbox option in its diesel model. The petrol engine of the car, however, gets an automatic transmission. The diesel engined models make away with only a 6 speed manual gearbox. The sticks are very slick to use and enhance the driveability of the car.


Tata Harrier vs Jeep Compass: All that we know so far!

Pricing is the final deciding factor for any vehicle in the Indian automotive industry. Tata has done its homework well and knows that India is a price sensitive market. The company is expected to price the vehicle accordingly and within the reach of potential customers. The Harrier will be priced around Rs. 15 lakh to Rs. 20 lakh, ex-showroom, Delhi.

The Jeep Compass on the other hand starts at Rs. 16.55 lakhs, ex-showroom, for the diesel variant base model which is much higher than the Harrier’s price. To put things into perspective, the top-end variant of Hyundai Creta is priced at Rs. 15.10 lakh, ex showroom.