Tata Harrier vs Mahindra Scorpio in a classic drag race [Video]

Mahindra Scorpio is one of the most popular cars available in the Indian market. The mid-size SUV has been around for years now and it has a big fan following too. The Scorpio is not known for its accelerating and proves itself on the drag race strips but it sure is quite powerful. Well, here is a drag race between the Tata Harrier and Mahindra Scorpio. This is the top-end Mahindra Scorpio with 140 Bhp of the maximum power of and the pre-facelifted version of the Harrier with similar 140 Bhp of power.

Since both the cars have similar power, the drag race here is quite interesting. It should be noted that the Scorpio generates 140 Bhp and 320 Nm of torque while the Harrier offers slightly more torque at 350 Nm. The video shows three drag race attempts on the public highway, which is highly unsafe and should not be done. We have shared the video to show the difference between both the similarly powered vehicles.

In the first of the three attempts, the Mahindra Scorpio manages to stay ahead initially but then loses the edge to the Harrier and it zooms past. The Scorpio takes off quite aggressively but it is possible that the Scorpio has a shorter ratio in the first and second gear compared to the Harrier, which allows gaining a few meters on the Tata. Shorter gear ratios are also very helpful in off-roading when the power is needed to come out of a sticky and difficult situation.

Tata Harrier vs Mahindra Scorpio in a classic drag race [Video]

In the second attempt, you can again see the Mahindra Scorpio going ahead of the Harrier but it loses the advantage only after a few seconds. The Tata Harrier can reach higher speed quicker while the Scorpio has better initial acceleration.

Both Mahindra Scorpio and Tata Harrier are built differently and serve different purposes. While the ladder-chassis of the Mahindra Scorpio makes it extremely rugged and flexible to take on the off-road sections, the Tata Harrier is built on a monocoque. The Scorpio is primarily designed of the off-road and the 2.2-litre mHawk diesel engine offers better low-end torque. This is why it gets the initial edge over the Harrier. However, the Harrier is lighter in weight and has taller gears, which makes sure that it can reach higher speed compared to the Scorpio. On longer races, the Harrier will come as a winner but it is a race on the off-road, there is no doubt that the Scorpio will take home the prize.