Tata Harrier vs Royal Enfield Bullet 350 tug of war is sheer silliness

We have seen several videos on the internet where two cars or two wheelers (motorcycle or scooters) are seen in a tug of war. Most of the time, people do such experiments to find out which one of them has more pulling power. Other than these normal looking tug of war and drag race video, we also see several videos where vehicles of entirely different segments or categories are seen in such videos. Here we have one such silly video where a vlogger is doing a tug of war between Tata Harrier SUV and a Royal Enfield Bullet motorcycle.

The video has been uploaded by Sonu Plaha on his YouTube channel. The video starts with vlogger explaining what he plans to do for video. He then shows the Royal Enfield Bullet and the Tata Harrier SUV. The vlogger then ties the Royal Enfield Bullet and Tata Harrier using a rope and starts pulling it using the motorcycle. The vlogger tried pulling the Tata Harrier several times on various surfaces.

He started at a place where there was loose soil, Royal Enfield being a two-wheeler was not able to find traction and the rear wheel kept on spinning. Tata Harrier on the other hand did nothing. The driver was not even putting too much pressure on the accelerator. The Bullet rider or the vlogger was trying hard to pull the Harrier. He even ended up lifting the front wheel on the motorcycle.

After an unsuccessful trial on the loose ground, both of them took their vehicles to a place with grass on it. This is again a tricky place for a motorcycle as it will have difficulties in finding a grip. The vlogger did the same thing he put all the power that was there in the Royal Enfield but, his efforts were all in vain. After few seconds, Tata Harrier driver slowly pulls the rider and the bike with him. After a point, the rider looses control and the bike falls.

Tata Harrier vs Royal Enfield Bullet 350 tug of war is sheer silliness

To start with, this was a silly experiment. Trying to pull a heavy SUV like Tata Harrier using a motorcycle was not one of the brightest ideas. Tata Harrier is an SUV that is powered by a 2.0 litre turbocharged diesel engine that generates 170 Ps and 350 Nm of peak torque. The Royal Enfield Bullet seen here has a lot of low end torque but, unfortunately the 350-cc single cylinder engine on this motorcycle was not enough to pull an SUV like this.

Another reason why you should not be doing such a stunt on your motorcycle is because, it is quite dangerous, the rope could snap and hit the rider and injure him easily. Other than that, the rider can also loose balance on the motorcycle as he balances it using legs while the bike is moving backwards. Such experiments also have an impact on the life of the vehicle. The vlogger was pushing the motorcycle to its limits in this video. This puts a lot of pressure on the engine and might have a negative impact on it.