Tata Harrier can water wade like a BOSS but should you do it: We explain

Tata launched their mid size SUV Harrier in the market couple of years ago. The SUV became popular among buyers for its looks and aggressive pricing. Harrier is a rugged looking SUV that competes with cars like Hyundai Creta and Kia Seltos in the segment. Tata Harrier is a front wheel drive SUV and is loaded with features like traction control, terrain response mode and driving modes to make it a bit more capable than others. It has decent ground clearance and 450mm of water wading capacity. Here we have a video where a Tata Harrier is seen to be driven in a river.

The video has been shared by Viratian A on their YouTube channel. In this video, the owner or the driver of the Tata Harrier is seen driving the SUV through a river multiple times. The SUV seem to do it without any problems. The driver is seen splashing the water and driving comfortably through the river without getting stuck at any point. This looks like a fun activity but, it is actually not.

One should try to avoid driving cars through water as there are chances that it might affect the functioning of your car. The driver is seen driving into the river at high speeds splashing the water away. Modern day cars have several sensors and internal circuits. If water gets into the car and reaches any of these internal circuits, it can blow the ECU of the car. If an ECU goes bad, repairing it is going to be a major expense.

Tata Harrier can water wade like a BOSS but should you do it: We explain

Other issue that a car might face if water gets into the car is engine hydrolocking. When car is driven is high speed through water, the splashes or water droplets tend to reach the air intake of the car. If the amount of water getting into the pistons via air intake in too much, the engine will stop working. The engine will sense water inside the engine and immediately shut it down to protect it from further damage. The engine is now hydr locked and the only way to get it back in working condition is by getting the vehicle to an authorised service center and removing the water and checking the system. This is again a time and money consuming process.

Before Tata launched Harrier in the market, they had showcased several teaser and promo videos for the SUV. One of the video was showing Harrier’s water wading capacity. You may not have an issue with the vehicle when you cross it for the first time but, if you keep on doing the same, there are chances that you might run out of luck. If you want to do such water crossings on a daily basis, it is recommended to get a snorkel installed in the car. What snorkel does is it increases the height of air intake preventing water from getting in the air intake. One must always remember that Harrier is a front wheel drive SUV and taking it out for extreme off-roading is actually not a bright idea.