Tata Harrier with Lamborghini Urus kit: What it’ll look like [Video]

The Tata Motors mid-size SUV Harrier may not be the best-selling SUV in its segment but it surely is one of the most famous models in the country. The SUV has gained a ton of popularity in India due to its sheer size and presence on the road. And not only that the Harrier also comes decked out with all the creature comforts on the inside and also gets a sufficiently powerful diesel motor. The SUV in itself looks pretty handsome but recently a video rendering of it being reimagined as a Lamborghini Urus surfaced online.

The video of a Tata Harrier reimagined to look like a version of the Lamborghini Urus was shared on YouTube by Bagrawala Designs on their channel. In the video, a stock Tata Harrier converted to look like the famous Italian supercar brand Lamborghini’s super SUV Urus can be seen from multiple angles. The body kit used in the particular video rendering is also very unique because it is a modified version of the one that Mansory created for the Lamborghini Urus. For those unaware, Mansory is a luxury car modification firm based in Brand, Germany. Besides luxury cars, they also work on supercars, luxury SUVs, and custom bikes.

Starting at the front, one of the first things that we can notice is that the overall front fascia has been made much more aggressive. The standard Harrier has a bulky rounded front end but the one in the rendering gets an extremely aggressive design. First off, the biggest changes at the front is the presence of a sharp and angular bumper that gets a ton hexagonal openings for air flow just like in the Mansory Urus. The Harrier here also gets the similar pitchfork style elements on both ends of the bumper and also gets an extremely aggressive front splitter. The center part of the SUV in the video also looks to be finished in forged carbon fiber.

Tata Harrier with Lamborghini Urus kit: What it’ll look like [Video]

Moving on to the sides we can note that the car gets some seriously aggressive front fender flares as part of the wide body kit. Additionally aggressive side skirts can also be noted in the car. The car gets two tone finish and we can also notice that it gets set of custom alloy wheels that look like the Lamborghini Urus wheels wrapped around with some low profile tyres. Following this we can also spot more of the widened body kit at the rear fender that protrudes a lot.

Upon moving on the rear side of the rendered SUV we can see that the artist has made it look a lot like the Mansory Urus with the addition of an almost identical rear bumper. The rear top section also gets a slightly modified version of the Mansory decklid wing. Additionally a much more aggressive rear diffuser with twin exit exhaust ports can be noted. At one shot of the rear the real width of the rendered car can be noticed. Overall the SUV looks much more angular and menacing than the standard Tata Harrier.


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