Tata Hexa on a roll: Pulls a Boeing 737

Tata Hexa was launched only a month back, and the vehicle has already received very good response from the market. In the first month itself, Tata Hexa has sold almost 1,500 units of the SUV in India. A few videos of the SUV has already gone viral on the Internet. In the latest one, the SUV is seen pulling a passenger aircraft.

What? But how?

2.2-litre VARICOR diesel engine powers the Hexa. The four-cylinder engine generates a maximum power of 154 BHP at 4,000 rpm and a maximum torque of 400 Nm from as low as 1,700 rpm to 2,700 rpm. The low-end torque of the vehicle can make it do many amazing things. One of which is seen below.

In the video, the Hexa is viewed pulling a Boeing made 737-300 aircraft, one of the most common aircraft used by many private airlines around the world. The empty weight of the aircraft is nearly 33,000 kg, which is huge. Seen in the video, the Hexa slowly pulls the heavy airliner keeping a good pace and for over a good amount of distance.

Is it something phenomenal?

The specialised vehicles used by airliners to pull the aircraft are similarly powered vehicles. But the difference being Tata Hexa is a passenger car with no such usage in mind while the designers were making the vehicle. The video shows that the Hexa has a very powerful engine, excellent traction and well built to pull an aircraft of this size and weight.

What else has it done?

During an event held by Tata Motors showcasing the Hexa to the customers, the SUV got on two-wheels and balanced itself for almost a minute. Now that shows how well-balanced is the Hexa. The vehicle weights as much as 2 ton, which makes it pretty difficult to handle for such a long time. Commendable work was done by Tata and the driver of the vehicle of course!

Can it be done by the other SUVs?

The stunt done by the Hexa can be performed by other SUVs too. It involves some immaculate handling skills, though. With right air pressure and the tyres, good knowledge of the balance, right gearing to put out the perfect amount of torque can make many other vehicles perform the same act! But this is a rare showmanship done by Hexa and we do not see it happening regularly inside the Indian borders to say the least!