Tata hikes Nexon EV, EV Max prices

After playing in the uncharted territory of sub-compact EV SUV’s and enjoying massive success, the country’s second-largest automaker Tata Motors has decided to hike up the prices for its Nexon EV and Nexon EV Max. The company recently made an announcement that it will be raising its prices for both of its EV SUV models and the new pricing will come into effect from this month itself. Tata Motors announced that the marginal increase of 0.55 percent in the price of its EVs would vary from model to model and variant to variant.

Tata hikes Nexon EV, EV Max prices

According to the latest price revision, the Tata Nexon XM EV which currently is priced at Rs 14.54 lakh, will now cost Rs 14.99. Meanwhile, the Nexon XZ+ EV will become Rs 35k more expensive at Rs 16.30 lakh, up from Rs 15.95 lakh. Nexon EV XZ Plus Lux price increase raises the variant’s price by Rs 35,000 to Rs 17.3 lakh up from Rs 16.95 lakh. Tata Nexon Electric Dark XZ+ will now also cost Rs 16.49 lakh, up from Rs 16.29 lakh. Lastly, the Dark XZ+ Lux will set back at Rs 17.5 lakh, up from Rs 17.15 lakh.

Furthermore, the Nexon EV Max’s models would now become Rs 60,000 more expensive than the pre-hike models. The Max XZ+ 3.3 kW unit will now cost Rs 18.34 lakh, up from Rs 17.74 lakh. The xZ+ 7.2 kW model being priced at Rs 18.84 lakh, up from Rs 18.24lakh. Meanwhile, the XZ+ Lux 3.3 kW model costing Rs 19.34 L, up from Rs 18.74 L. The range reaches its apex with the XZ+ Lux 7.2 kW, which costs Rs 19.84 lakh, up from Rs 19.24 lakh.

Another recent Tata announcement was the unveiling of the Nexon EV Prime. The Nexon EV has been renamed Nexon EV Prime by the brand. The Nexon EV is still one of the best-selling electric vehicles on the market, and it now includes features from the Nexon EV Max. Tata Motors claims that existing Tata Nexon EV customers would be able to access the additional functions via a software upgrade.

Tata hikes Nexon EV, EV Max prices

The Tata Nexon EV Prime costs roughly Rs 45,000 more than the entry-level XM model and Rs 20,000 more than the Dark XZ+ variant. The pricing difference is determined by the Nexon EV Prime version. The new Tata Nexon EV Prime offers various additional features that were previously only accessible on the Nexon EV Max. A multi-mode regeneration feature with automated brake lamp activation is included. When the regeneration setting is at its maximum, it activates the brake lights.

While Tata provides existing clients with a free software upgrade to add all of the new functions, there is still a hardware need. Tata service centres will install the necessary gear, although it is unclear if that installation will be charged. Customers will be charged for the future software upgrades by Tata Motors. The powertrain stays unchanged since it is powered by the same 30.2 kWh battery pack and has an ARAI-certified range of 312 km.