Tata Indica Diesel clocks a WHOPPING 5.85 lakh kms without engine work: Images

Tata Indica, which is India’s first diesel passenger vehicle is a highlight in India’s automotive history. The Indica became extremely popular when it was launched, especially because of its massive cabin space and the diesel engine, which ensured extremely fuel-efficient drives. Here is a 10-year-old Tata Indica diesel from Kerala, which has achieved an amazing feat of completing 5.85 lakh km. The customer was facilitated by Hyson Chalakkudy Tata for achieving the unbelievable number on the odometer.

Tata Indica Diesel clocks a WHOPPING 5.85 lakh kms without engine work: Images

The Tata Indica DLS, which was registered on 14th August 2009 has done around 60,000 km every year on an average, which is quite a lot. The owner of the vehicle according to the records is Vardharajan and can be seen in the picture. The while coloured vehicle seems spotless from the outside, which is an indication of how the owner has maintained his vehicle.

According to the post on Vandibranthanmar group by Abdul Basith, the vehicle has reached the feat without any engine work done. Which means, the engine did not ever need to be overhauled or rebored during its lifetime. However, details for the other parts like the clutch assembly are not known. It is a testimony of the quality of the hatchback. Diesel engines have a longer life than the petrol engines and if they are maintained properly, they can run for a lifetime. This is not the first diesel car to reach the feat. In the past, many other diesel vehicles like the Scorpio have crossed the 5 lakh km mark.

Tata Indica Diesel clocks a WHOPPING 5.85 lakh kms without engine work: Images

The exact details of the usage of the car are not known. However, since it covers a lot of distance every month, we believe that it is used for some regular work of transportation work. It sure is something that can be achieved by many other diesel vehicles if the vehicle gets proper attention and care. There are diesel vehicles that have done close to 10 lakh km in the past too.

Can you achieve the same with your car?

Yes, you can achieve the same in your car if you follow a few simple steps. These steps will ensure that you cause minimal wear and tear while driving the vehicle and keep it in perfect condition for lakhs of kilometres.

  • Warm-up your car. It is very important to ensure that the components in the engine warm-up before you start driving around the vehicle. A simple one-minute idling after starting up the vehicle will do the job of making sure that the engine oil reaches all the corners and keeps them lubricated.
  • Never miss a service schedule ever. Servicing of the car is important and keeps the overall health of the vehicle in optimum condition.
  • Drive gently. This will ensure that you do not put an extra amount of pressure on the engine when not needed.
  • Always get proper alignment and balancing done every few thousand kilometres depending on the roads you drive on.
  • Never take the vehicle for a shorter trip of a km or two. This does not allow the engine to reach the optimum temperature and creates a negative effect over a longer time.