Man who bought family’s 1st car back after 10 years explains how he tracked the Tata Indica down [Video]

20 year old tata indica owner

Buying our first car with our hard-earned money is a life goal for many of us. Aside from being a prized possession, a car has become a necessity for buyers of all ages and income groups. Some people develop sentimental attachments to their cars, especially if it’s their first one, and strive to maintain it for as long as possible. Here’s an intriguing story about a man who recently reunited with his 20-year-old Tata Indica, which he had parted ways with for several years.

In an Youtube video shared by “Saurabh.kmph,” an inspiring tale unfolds as a man successfully repurchases his 20-year-old Tata Indica, which holds great sentimental value as his first car. The post, authored by a person named Sumit, explains how this silver-colored Tata Indica was once owned by his parents and cherished as a prized possession by their family. Sumit and his parents can be seen in the post, radiating happiness alongside their beloved Tata Indica, now back in their ownership.

According to Sumit’s account, his parents originally purchased the Tata Indica in 2003 in Akola and enjoyed owning it for a decade before selling it in 2013. After the car was sold, Sumit lost track of its whereabouts. However, he embarked on a decade-long quest to locate the old Indica and reunite it with his parents. Eventually, Sumit successfully repurchased the Indica and presented it to its original owner, his father. Not only that, but he has also sent the Indica for restoration to restore its former glory. In the post, Sumit expresses his gratitude to his followers for their constant support and motivation throughout this remarkable journey.

Launched back in 1998

Man who bought family’s 1st car back after 10 years explains how he tracked the Tata Indica down [Video]

Unveiled for the first time at the 1998 Auto Expo, the Tata Indica was India’s first domestically designed car. Following its price announcement, Tata Motors received over a lakh bookings within two weeks. Priced between Rs 2.59 lakh and Rs 3.9 lakh, the Indica was launched with two engine options: petrol and diesel, making it the first-ever hatchback in India to offer a diesel variant.

Competing against other small cars of its time, such as the Maruti Suzuki Zen, Hyundai Santro, Daewoo Matiz, and Fiat Uno, the Tata Indica boasted a spacious cabin and impressive fuel efficiency. Equipped with features like air conditioning and power windows, the Indica outshone its rivals with its in-house designed powertrains.

In addition to its popularity among family-oriented buyers, the Tata Indica became a preferred choice among cab operators as a reliable and efficient taxi. Its economical 1.4-litre petrol and diesel engines allowed for high mileage, setting it apart from other hatchbacks of its era. The Indica remained on sale for nearly two decades before being discontinued due to stricter emission and safety regulations in the market.