Tata Indica with live IPL score display is the coolest thing you will see today

The Indian Premier League tournament is one of the most elite cricket tournaments around the world. With numerous Indian and international cricketers featuring in the league, it has become one of the favourite pastimes of the cricket lovers in the country. In this era of mobile connectivity, most cricket enthusiasts keep on checking their phones to get the live scores but this Hyderabad cab owner has an ingenious way to inform the world about the latest IPL scores.

Indica Ipl 1

The picture that went viral on Twitter was also shared by the official handle of the International Cricket Council (ICC). The picture was originally shared on Reddit and was posted by Shubham Gupta on FB. It shows a Tata Indica taxi with a display mounted on the roof of the vehicle. The digital display shows the live score of the IPL matches to the other road users.

The picture of the vehicle has been taken from the rear that only shows one part of the display. It is not known if the cab gets similar displays all around. Another picture reveals that the display shows an advertisement and the live IPL scores are a part of the ad that ensures maximum attention on the road. This way, other drivers will not need to take their eyes off the road to check the phones for live scores of IPL matches. It looks like a waterproof display as it remains unaffected by the rain in the picture.

While such a screen has been used to display live IPL scores for the first time, there are many other cabs with a similar set-up. A startup in Hyderabad has started installing such displays on the top of commercial taxis. The displays are used for video advertisements for commercials and new movies. The drivers are paid on a monthly basis to put up such displays on their vehicle. This is a new form of advertisement in India, which has remained unexplored until now. Such displays have been used on the top of taxis to display advertisements in many foreign countries. Currently, the start-up is operating in the Hyderabad region but we may see similar set-up in the other parts of the country too.

Indica Ipl 2

With the advertisements going to the next level, the mediums of displaying the ads have also become quite innovative in recent times. It is not known if any special kind of permission is required to install such displays on the top of the vehicles in India yet. However, it should be noted that even roof carries on the vehicles should be endorsed on the Registration Certificate (RC) of the vehicles by the RTO else the cops can fine such vehicle owners.

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