New spy photos of the Manza compact car suggest it is better looking than the outgoing Manza with the full-size boot. Here is what you can expect.

With the reduced size by making the smaller boot, the Manza CS will be priced lower, given the lower excise duty on cars with length less than 4000mm. The present Tata Manza measures 4413 mm x 1703 mm x 1550 mm (length x width x height) and in order to reduce the length, the 460-litre boot has to be compromised.

Changes in appearance

The Manza CS does not appear to be simply a Manza with its boot chopped off, in fact the design feels more at home on the CS than it did on the Manza sedan. The rear of the car appears to be in sync with the front end rather than an after-thought like in most compact sedans.

tata manza cs photo
Photo: The Manza CS looks better than the Manza sedan with its compact dimensions

From a distance there no major differentiating factors between the Manza sedan and the CS but in profile the compact dimensions of the car are quite evident. The car is visually taller at the rear, indicating ample headroom for backseat passengers.

Even after chopping off 413 mm from the Manza’s length, the boot space will still be more (approx 350 litres) than some of the sedans available in the country today. There will not be any change in the wheelbase or any other mechanical part.


Currently, the Manza is powered by a 1368 cc Saffire90 petrol engine and 1248 cc Quadrajet90 diesel engine that both produce 90 PS of power. But the 1.4 litre Safire 90 may not make it into the Manza CS because, as per government norms, small cars (under 4 meters) cannot have petrol engines of size greater than 1.2 litre. Hence, expect the Manza CS to be powered by only the 1.2 litres Saffire 65 petrol motor.

Tata Motors may also plonk in the 71 bhp, 1.4 litre common rail diesel engine in the Manza CS which currently powers the Indigo CS. This may help the company reduce the price of the Manza CS.

Expected launch and Price

Tata cars are segmented based on pricing more than any other factor. If this same rule is applied to the Manza compact sedan too, then expect the price to be somewhere between the Vista and the full-length Manza. At present, the Vista is priced ranging from Rs.3.84 lakh to Rs.5.79 lakh while the Manza prices range from Rs.5.39 lakh to Rs.7.67 lakh. Small cars attract lesser excise duty than full-size sedans and hence, the price of the Manza compact car could be reduced by around Rs. 40,000.


At present the Tata Manza CS will have no competition. However, there is a possibility of Mahindra launching a shorter Verito in late 2011, while Maruti Suzuki is planning to launch a compact version of the Swift Dzire. Also read our Tata Indica Vista first drive story

Both the cars are equally spacious and good value for money. The Verito’s 1.5 litre dCI diesel engine is its selling point while the Dzire’s 1.3 litre DDiS engine is Maruti Suzuki’s version of Fiat’s Multijet engine which is used in the Tata Manza as well.  The Manza CS may also compete with the upcoming HM Ambassador Compact to be launched next year.

(Photo Courtesy: GoaOnWheels)

* Prices mentioned are ex-showroom Delhi


  1. manza is made for bigger space as well as massive look, as per my view manza cs will ruin image of original manza.

  2. why don’t you reduce the price of original manza spending money on new design indian auto industry is hopeless.

  3. I am a user of manza aura plus model and its tru manza cs will be a bad sign for the company.

  4. looks nice, but little boot is of no value in such a big size car, original manza is good.

  5. I dont think any compromise would be done to the Cabin Space since this is just a Job done to the Boot. Even if the cabin space is touched, this would not go below the Space offered in vista. Vista is itself very spacious than few proper sedans. So should’nt be a problem.

  6. Tata is real bad at reducing the size, compare the indigo cs & indigo, there is lot of cost cutting on the interiors too & the CS looks very impoverished.

  7. for all those who feel the TATA move was a bad one, it is because of the government ann.ouncement that the cars at 4 metres or below than that has some tax benefit for the company and also helpful to buying customers. this was bought by ex finance minister Mr. P A chibambaram. this is a pretty old government announcement and the first move was by TATA again when they launched indigo CS (Compact Se

  8. dear sri da, wen u work for any part of the body then u have to consider other so many parameter which affect on running condition. i m bother for cabin space but stability, cg wen turning car at high speed, gyroscopic effect on car these all r effect ll change. so thats y i against to those concept of reduction.

  9. Dhananjay Patil : u dont buy a manza for the ride quality or refinement or handling or those technical things.if u want such qualities u buy a linea or vento even the new fiesta for that matter!!!so as far as reducing the length is considered sri is right wont make such a difference..if the cabin space isnt messed around with dont think there will be any problem..even if it has been reduced there

  10. very much better than original manza. maza has a damn bad rear look. because of it’s boot.
    manza cs looking better. but. the thing is Tata should think about some new models rather than welding boot in hatchbacks. its very boring. when suzuki made a sedan from swift, at least they changed the rear door. but TATA is just welding a huge boot at the rear end of a hatchback car and call it a new n

  11. jus lookin like an Indigo Vista been welded in a rear with jus a few inches metal box.. DISLIKED.. :\.

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