Tata Megapixel concept car showcased at 2012 Geneva Auto Show

Today, Tata Motors showcased the Megapixel concept Range Extended Electric Vehicle (REEV) at the 2012 Geneva Auto Show.

tata pixel front left

As the name suggests, the Megapixel concept is an improved version of the Pixel concept car showcased at the 2012 Delhi Auto Expo. Tata Motors claim that the Megapixel can go up to 900 km per charge and has a fuel economy of 100 km/litre under battery only power.


The Megapixel reflects Tata’s future design direction. The Megapixel is design-inspired by the Tata Pixel which is based on the Tata Nano. The Megapixel concept has a pentagonal front bumper with integrated lights and a wide ‘U’ shaped front grille with eye-like LED headlamps. The wheel arches are prominent giving the Megapixel a sporty stance but the rear view mirrors are too small.

tata pixel rear right

The side profile reveals aerodynamically chiseled crease lines on the doors and a rising shoulder line with a chrome strip running across the car’s entire length.  The rear has a smartly integrated tail lamp cluster with LED lights, a high mounted LED stop lamp and a rear bumper with integrated lights similar to the front bumper.

The Megapixel stands on 16-inch wheels with attractive 5-spoke alloys. Size wise, the Megapixel measures 3504 x 1673 x 1405 mm (length x width x height) making it 405 mm longer, 178 mm wider and 247 mm shorter (in height) than the Tata Nano.

tata pixel interiors left


The interior of the Megapixel concept gets four seats with plenty of user space. The B-pillar is avoided as the Megapixel has four sliding doors with hinges at the bottom. This allows easy access to the cabin. The front seats are cantilevered (attached or anchored at only one end) on the central tunnel freeing more space for the passengers. The interior have light leather trims that give it a premium feel.

tata pixel full rear


The Megapixel is powered by a 325 cc single cylinder petrol engine and an electric drive via four electric wheel motors, with auxiliary power unit to provide REEV capability. The battery includes Lithium Ion Phosphate with 13 KwH. The top-speed of the Megapixel is 110 kmph and the fuel economy is 100 kmpl. The Megapixel emits a low 22 gm/km of CO2.

Battery Charging is done by an inductive charge system or fast charging which allows charging 80% of the battery in 30 minutes. Induction charging system needs no cables. The car has to be parked below the induction pad for charging to begin.
tata pixel side left


The Megapixel features a built-in large touch screen at the central console. This Human Machine Interface (HMI) system allows you to connect the smart phone and control the car’s functions such as temperature, ventilation, driving modes and performance. The cantilevered seating system offers more space because there are no pillars holding the seats to the car’s floor. We are not sure whether this feature can make into production. The Megapixel features ‘Zero Turn’ drive system that shortens the turning radius to 2.8 meter and park assist system further adds to comfort. The Megapixel comes with low rolling resistance tyres for fuel efficiency.