Tata Motors begins REVOTRON turbo petrol engine display at malls across India

Starting today, Tata Motors has begun displaying the 1.2 liter REVOTRON turbo petrol engine at city malls across India. The engine is displayed at a experience zone called the REVOTRON Lab. The engine that is displayed at these labs will be used in the Zest and the Bolt. The interactive lab seeks to engage potential buyers of the Zest and Bolt, and explain the benefits of turbo petrol technology. The lab will also play host to an interactive, Revotron Challenge game.

The new turbo petrol engine is centered around the Bolt hatchback and the Zest compact sedan, two cars that are meant to whip up some much needed excitement around Tata Motors’ product portfolio. Coming back to the 1.2 liter engine, it is the first turbo petrol motor from Tata Motors and outputs 88 Bhp-140 Nm. The engine will feature three driving modes, City, Eco and Sport, for the driver to choose from.

The 1.2 liter turbo petrol engine is expected to be made available on the Bolt and the Zest with a choice of two gearbox options, 5 speed manual and automated manual transmissions (AMT).  Meanwhile, the actual launch of the Zest will happen in the coming weeks. The Zest compact sedan will be launched ahead of the Bolt hatchback. 

Although both the Bolt and Zest are ready to be launched in India, Tata Motors will launch the Zest first in order to clearly differentiate the two cars and to also convey to car buyers that the hatchback-compact sedan duo are quite different from the Vista and the Indigo eCS. The Zest’s design is sharper than that of the Bolt, which still shows many similarities with the Vista. 

By launching the Zest first, Tata Motors wants to make sure that buyers associate the car with a new product and not with the Vista, as would have been the case if the Bolt was launched first. Both the Bolt and the Zest were unveiled earlier this year, ahead of the 2014 Indian Auto Expo, where both cars were displayed.