Tata Motors' cars - Nexon, Tiago, Tigor - are selling more than ever before: We explain why

Tata Motors’ cars are selling more than ever before: We explain why

Tata Motors’ passenger car business has come a long way in the last few years. Tata entered the passenger car segment with the Sierra in the year 1991. Today, the company has a presence in almost every segment of the mainstream market. Things did not go well, however, for the company in the period after the launch of the Tata Nano. The car was, by most reckonings, a flop – and now the company is close to deciding whether to end production.

However, then there was a period of learning and constant improvement. Some of the old reputation still clings on doggedly, but increasing sales numbers tell a happy story for the company. Their latest launch, the Nexon compact SUV, is a hit in that segment. Their concept cars, the Tata H5X SUV and the 45X hatchback, followed by the EVision concept at Geneva Auto Show generated massive interest among the buying public.

Here are the main reasons why the Tata cars are desirable again.

BRUTE value for money

All the recent cars from Tata are high on the value-for-money quotient. Tata products offer just the right mix of features, space, performance, and frugality at just the right price. The Tata Tigor, for example, is easily the cheapest sedan you can in the country. Pricing plays a huge role in the price-sensitive market like that of ours.  Tata seems to have all the bases covered in this aspect.

Gorgeous new designs

Tata Motors, today, offers the most well-designed cars in their respective segments. All the latest and upcoming Tata cars have been designed by a really skilful team of designers led by Pratap Bose. The new Tata cars look so good that they won’t feel oddly placed in any foreign setting. And not just that, the cars have stuck close to their concept designs – instead of veering away like most models in the market. The Tata Hexa and Nexon are examples of this. It also makes one very hopeful about the production versions of the Tata H5X SUV and the 45X hatchback.

Features from a segment higher

All the latest Tata cars come loaded to the brim with features that are often found in cars from a segment above. The Tata Nexon, for instance, gets driving modes, which is a feature reserved for some really expensive models. Even the Hexa offers a really premium audio system that comprises of 10 speakers and a sub-woofer. The sound quality is at par with what the audio systems of some much costlier cars offer.

tata hexa driving modes

Affordable maintenance

Tata cars are much easier to maintain than those from many other brands. We say this because the price of spare parts is generally pretty low and the company enjoys a wide service network.

Improved quality levels

Tata Motors has received a lot of flak in the past for poor quality control. Things have improved drastically ever since. The quality levels are now at par with what most of the rivals can boast of.


Tata cars have always been very spacious. Things haven’t changed with the recent batch of Tata cars. All the Tata models on sale today offer roomy cabins and decent boot space.


All the latest Tata cars have been winning accolades for being well built. Even the Zest, which was tested by NCAP in late-2016, scored a rating of 4-stars. While NCAP is yet to test the Tiago, various crash incidents hint at the high build quality.

tata zest crash test ncap

Great new cars coming soon

In all probability, Tata Motors will soon have an even more competitive product portfolio due to the launch of some really promising new cars. These include the production-spec H5X and the 45X. While the former will be a Jeep Compass-rival, the latter will become an adversary to the Maruti Baleno.

tata h5x

Affordable performance cars

Tata is about to launch a couple of performance cars in India. These upcoming cars are based on the Tiago and the Tigor and will be a work of JTM – a joint-venture of Jayem and Tata Motors. These cars offer more power and performance-tuned suspension settings. In all chances, the Tata Tiago JTP and the Tata Tigor JTP will become the cheapest performance cars in the country.

High street presence

While Tata has been doing pretty well with its new small cars, its SUVs have always had a pretty huge street presence. One of the examples of this is the Tata Hexa, the current flagship model from the Indian manufacturer. The Hexa enjoys a high street presence, which is mostly because of its bold stance and the sheer size.