Tata Motors begins offering air filter and sanitization kit as accessories

Corona virus pandemic, without any doubt has affected the lives of almost every person in our country. Now, the lockdown has been lifted and industries and offices have resumed operations but, are taking extra care to create a healthy working environment. Most of them are following regulations and guidelines issued by government and are also maintaining social distancing. Indian car manufacturer Tata Motors has also resumed operation and have now come up with a set of new accessories for its customers. Tata Motors has now introduced a range of genuine health and hygiene accessories to create a healthy environment inside the car. These accessories will do their bit to keep the risk of COVID-19 in the car at the minimum.

Tata Motors begins offering air filter and sanitization kit as accessories

Tata has introduced three products and this includes an air purifier, sanitization kit. The Air-o-Pure 95 air purifier easily fits into the cup holder of all the Tata cars. It has Active carbon HEPA filter and UV-C light that improves the air quality, removes volatile organic compounds along with viruses and bacteria. This also filters out hazardous smoke. The second product is also an air purifier. This Air-o-Pure 95 filter filters out bacteria and viruses upto 0.3 microns size. It helps improve the air quality and protects occupants from allergic reactions and respiratory disorders.

The air filter is currently compatible with Tata Nexon and Harrier only but, it will soon be available for Tigor, Tiago and Altroz as well. The Health Pro-Sanitization kit is the third accessory offered and the kit includes hand sanitizer, N95 masks, hand gloves, safety touch keys, tissue box, mist diffuser and a driving kit with covers for exposed touch points like steering wheel, gear knob, hand brake, seats and so on.

Apart from these products, Tata is also offering a vehicle air and surface disinfectant service that cleans the air inside the car. It basically emits ozone to clean the air if it contains viruses and bacteria. This system is kept inside a closed car for 20 mins to disinfect the whole cabin. Tata is also offering partition screens to make sure that the driver and the passengers siting inside the car maintain social distancing. All these accessories will be available in Tata Motors dealerships across the country.