Tata Motors dealership in Gurgaon delivers more than 200 cars on 1st day of Navratri [Video]

Tata Motors has been on a roll in recent times. Ever since the new-generation vehicles have scored high on safety parameters and crash tests from Global NCAP, people have been preferring Tata Motors like never before. All of its vehicles, ranging from Tiago to Safari, have gained traction in the market, and are now selling like hot cakes. The most recent example of its huge acceptance is the bulk delivery conducted by a Tata Motors outlet from Gurgaon, which delivered around 200 cars on the first day of Navratri.

The nine-day fest of Navratri is considered to be auspicious among the Indian audience, and a majority of people do buy their new vehicles in this nine-day duration only. Buying a new car during the festive season is considered to be a pious event among Indian families, and car buyers also cash on this occasion to churn out massive sales.

A dealer outlet named Arya Tata from Gurgaon turned this opportunity to make a new delivery record by retailing 200 new Tata cars in a single day, on the first day of Navratri.

In a YouTube video uploaded by Anubhav Chouhan, we can see around 200 units of Tata Motors’ models lined up for the mass delivery ceremony. All these cars include all the varying models from Tata Motors, including the Tiago, Tigor, Punch, Altroz, Nexon, Harrier and Safari. The lineup also includes the special edition variants of the Nexon, Harrier and Safari, as well as the all-electric Tigor EV and Nexon EV.

For the delivery event, most of the variants of the cars lined up were the top-spec variants of the respective models. However, there were some base-spec and mid-spec variants too, purchased by those who do not want to have all the luxuries and equipment of the top-spec variants.

Tata Motors sells various car models

Tata Motors dealership in Gurgaon delivers more than 200 cars on 1st day of Navratri [Video]

Tata Motors current has Tiago and Altroz in the hatchback range and Tigor as its only sedan. The SUV range of the Indian carmaker comprises compact SUVs like Punch and Nexon and midsize SUVs like Harrier and Safari. In addition to this, Tata Motors also previewed the Curvv concept this year, which will spawn a new midsize SUV between Nexon and Harrier.

Tata Motors is currently planning its next big launch, the Tiago EV, which will make its debut on September 28th. Based on the Tigor EV, the new Tiago EV is expected to get the same battery and motor setup as the Tigor EV.

With the Tata Tiago EV, the brand will be able to target a wider customer spectrum. Currently, the most affordable EV in India is the Tata Tigor EV which gets a price tag of Rs 12.24 lakhs.

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