Tata Motors’ electric cars to have 400 kilometer battery range – Details


Tata Motors has revealed that its future range of electric cars under the Alpha and Omega platforms will have a range of around 300-400 kilometers per charge. The Indian automaker currently sells a solitary electric car – the Tigor Electric – to the Indian government. Soon, the Tigor Electric and its hatchback sibling – the Tiago Electric – will go on sale in India for private car buyers as well. However, the range of the Tigor and Tiago Electric cars are around 100-120 kilometers/charge. Tata Motors plans to use the Tigor and Tiago Electric cars as a stop-gap arrangement before its new range of electric cars under the Alpha and Omega platforms arrive.


The Alpha platform, also called the Advanced Modular Platform (AMP), underpins the upcoming 45X premium hatchback, which will take on the likes of the Maruti Baleno and the Hyundai i20 Elite. The Omega platform, derived from Land Rover’s LS550 architecture, underpins two new SUVs – the H5X and the H7X.

The 45X premium hatchback, and the H5X and H7X SUVs will all get electric options in the future. These cars are expected to have a range of about 300-400 kilometers/charge and will run on 320 volt batteries. A fast charge option will be standard, and the Tata electric cars running 320V batteries will also be very quick off the block.

The idea behind Tata Motors moving to the 320V battery platform for its future electric cars is to make sure that these cars are able to be viable alternatives to existing petrol and diesel powered cars, both in terms of battery range and peak performance. However, the 320V Tata electric cars will arrive only after 2020. Apart from electric cars, Tata Motors is also likely to offer hybrid vehicles in the passenger car segments. For instance, the H5X will offer a hybrid powertrain from 2022, when the new Corporate Average Fuel Efficiency (CAFE) standards kick in, with more stringent requirements.

Via ETAuto