Tata Motors EVision electric sedan: New pictures emerge

New pictures of the Tata EVision electric sedan concept have emerged. The electric car was shown as a concept at this year’s Geneva Motor Show and is based on the Omega modular platform that Tata Motors has borrowed from Land Rover. The EVision electric sedan is likely to become production ready by 2020. The car showcased Tata Motors’ Impact 2.0 design philosophy and is quite the looker.

Tata Motors EVision electric sedan: New pictures emerge

While the exteriors of the EVision electric concept exude grandeur and luxury, the interiors are minimalist and classy. If Tata manages to productionise most design elements of the concept model, the EVision will easily be the best looking sedan that Tata Motors has ever built.

Guenter Butschek, the CEO of Tata Motors, had disclosed some information about the EVision electric sedan concept, and how the car’s various design elements will reach future cars sold by the automaker.

“The EVision gives a glimpse of what you can expect as far as the interior packaging is concerned if you get rid of the centre console and tunnel. If I take the Alfa and Omega architecture, with the conversion from internal combustion engine (ICE) to an electric version, we could actually change the internal packaging completely. So this is possibly giving a first glimpse on how the electric version might differentiate itself from the ICE, although the top hat is the same. What you see today for the interior, more-or-less a free hanging cockpit, no centre console, all the space available, which would give in certain models the opportunity to introduce a seat bench in the front instead of two front seats. It gives you a complete new play there.”

Tata Motors EVision electric sedan: New pictures emerge

While Tata Motors is yet to reveal the exact technical specifications of the EVision electric sedan concept, performance details are nothing short of impressive. The concept version, Tata Motors said, will be capable of a 200 Kph top speed, and a 0-100 Kph acceleration timing of just 7 seconds.

The car will support fast charging, and considering how quickly electric car battery ranges are increasing, is expected to offer at least 250-300 kilometers of range per charge. More details about the EVision are likely to surface in the coming months.

Via ACI Forum