Tata Motors issues statement on Malwa showroom incident

A recently posted video by Tata Motors customer, Chirag Khanna became viral after the officials of Tata Motors dealership behaved rudely with on the camera. Tata Motors has officially issued a statement on the matter and said that the differences between the customer and the dealership officials had been resolved amicably.

Tata Motors said formally in an email to GaadiWaadi,

“This is to inform you that the incident that had occurred between a customer and the Tata Malwa Showroom at Delhi has now been resolved amicably. The customer has posted a video stating the reason for the dispute and how is grievances were addressed.”

The incident happened when Chirag Khanna posted a live video on YouTube a few days back. On the video, he said that he booked the Canyon Orange coloured Tiago at a payment of Rs. 11,000. Malwa Motors, which is the authorised dealership of Tata Motors asked Chirag to deposit Rs. 2.5 lakh for the delivery of the vehicle. After the customer deposited the money, he was told that the orange colour is not available with the Tiago anymore and he can go for any other colour. Chirag chose another colour and received the vehicle a few days after that.

According to the first video posted by Chirag, he also opted for a few accessories which were to be installed on the vehicle at the time of delivery. However, Malwa Motors said that the installation would happen at his home soon. However, Chirag did not get all the accessories he chose during the purchase of the Tiago even after three days. He went to the dealership to ask questions live on the camera when the Malwa Motors officials behaved rudely and pushed him around. The video became viral soon after.

Chirag Khanna then released an updated video in which he says that the differences have been resolved with the dealership and he has received all the accessories apart from the registration plates for his Tiago. He also said that they did not want to continue the tussle and wanted to bring an end to the differences. Even the General Manager of the showroom came on the video and said that the disputes had been resolved and they are working to ensure that the customers get satisfaction.

It is not known if Tata Motors or Malwa Motors has taken any action against the manager, who pushed around Chirag in the first video. In the new video, Chirag said that the manager did not want his face to be shown online, which is why he became angry and pushed him around in the first video. The video became quite viral on the social media portals and gained a lot of views.

This is not the first time a customer got into a tussle with the dealership in India. Sometime back, a Jeep Compass customer got into a physical fight with a dealership official after which the video became viral on the Internet. Jeep India then had to step in to resolve the issue by taking stern action against the dealership official who misbehaved with the customer.