Tata Motors launches new TATA.ev electric-only car showroom in Gurugram

Tata.ev stores launched in Gurugram

The country’s largest electric carmaker, Tata Passenger Electric Mobility (TPEM), has launched its TATA.ev stores in India. These brand-new showrooms will be dedicated solely to the retail and service of the electric vehicles offered by the company. These new Tata.ev stores will cater only to EV customers, and at the moment, the company has two stores in Sector 14 & Sohna Road, Gurugram, Haryana. Presently, these have not been opened to the public; however, they will be opened by January 07, 2024.

Tata Motors launches new TATA.ev electric-only car showroom in Gurugram

Tata.ev Stores Launched in Gurugram

Tata Motors, with the launch of the Tata Tiago, introduced its new brand identity, TATA.ev. Now, with the launch of these new electric-only stores, it aims to create and offer sales and service experiences to electric vehicle buyers specifically. According to the company, TATA.ev stores have been designed to promote sustainability, community, and technology.

As per Tata Passenger Electric Mobility, the new Tata.ev stores have been designed with a commitment to sustainability. These new dealerships’ design, construction, and operations will reflect the brand’s strong commitment to sustainability, stated Tata Motors. Additionally, the company has announced that these new dealerships have been built with recycled materials certified by global green certifiers. Lastly, the new Tata.ev dealerships utilize locally sourced materials to reduce the reliance on long-distance, high-emission transportation.

Amenities Included in These New EV Stores

Tata Motors launches new TATA.ev electric-only car showroom in Gurugram

Other amenities of these new Tata.ev dealerships will include coffee for customers from Blue Tokai, a premium coffee brand. Additionally, the new showrooms will list all of their upcoming events on their EVOLVED community calendar, and interested customers can attend them. Apart from these, Tata.ev stores will also integrate a lot of technology in their new showrooms to create a modern and interactive environment. These new dealerships will be equipped with screens that will provide testimonials from current owners, address EV concerns and myths, and also offer customization options, and give personalized welcomes for families receiving their EV deliveries.

Shailesh Chandra, MD, Tata Motors Passenger Vehicles Ltd., and Tata Passenger Electric Mobility, during the inauguration of the first two Tata.ev stores stated, “The new flagship showrooms are the first physical manifestations of this brand philosophy, and we have mapped the customer journey accordingly.” He further added, “These showrooms are not just about retailing EVs but they become TATA.ev community centers in Gurugram. Starting with these two showrooms today and with many more that we plan to bring in the next 12-18 months, we intend to drive positive change in the automotive industry with a focus on e-mobility.”

Tata Motors is the Biggest EV Carmaker in India

Tata Motors launches new TATA.ev electric-only car showroom in Gurugram

Presently, Tata Passenger Electric Mobility has a market share of 71% in the four-wheeler EV segment in India. Its offerings in the country include the Tata Tiago.ev, which starts at Rs 8.69 lakha and goes up to Rs 12.04 lakh. Additionally, the company also offers its sedan sibling, the Tigor EV, which starts at Rs 12.49 lakh and goes up to Rs 13.75 lakh. Apart from these, the company also offers the electric iteration of its best-selling vehicle, the Nexon, called the Nexon.ev. This sub-compact SUV starts at Rs 14.74 lakh and goes up to Rs 19.94 lakh. Most likely, by the first quarter of next year, the company will also launch the new Tata Punch EV as well.