Tata Motors working on Nexon Coupe: Will Rival Kia Seltos & Hyundai Creta

Tata Motors has brought back its mid-size SUV project and it is currently on full swing. The new mid-size SUV will be a coupe version of the Nexon. The homegrown manufacturer will first introduce the new mid-size SUV as an electric vehicle and then they will be launching the internal combustion powered versions. The Nexon Coupe is expected to debut sometime in 2023.

Tata Motors working on Nexon Coupe: Will Rival Kia Seltos & Hyundai Creta

Originally the mid-size SUV project was shelved because of financial troubles that Tata Motors was facing before the pandemic. But after the pandemic the sales of Tata Motors have increased significantly, they have managed to take on the second spot from Hyundai India. This increased their revenue substantially. Moreover, they got a funding of Rs 7,500 Crores for their new subsidiary, Tata Passenger Electric Mobility Limited or TPEML. They have a plan of introducing 10 electric vehicles over the course of next 5 years.

Nexon Coupe

Tata Motors working on Nexon Coupe: Will Rival Kia Seltos & Hyundai Creta

The Nexon Coupe will basically be a stretched version of the current Nexon. It will be based on the same X1 platform but the length and wheelbase would be different. The wheelbase has been increased by around 50 mm by making some modifications to the wheel geometry. The overall length of the Nexon Coupe will be around 4.3 metres.

The design of the Nexon Coupe will be significantly different from Nexon compact SUV. The A-pillar and the front doors will be similar to the Nexon but rest of the whole body will be redesigned entirely. The front will be all-new, the rear doors will be longer, the roof will now be longer and will meet the new tailgate that will have a larger overhang. Overall, it will be quite larger and will look sportier than the current Nexon.


Surprisingly, Tata Motors would first launch the Nexon Coupe as an electric vehicle in the Indian market. It could use the same battery pack that will come on the long-range Nexon EV that is expected to launch by mid of 2022. So, it will have at least 40 kWh battery pack. Moreover, it makes sense for Tata Motors to upgrade the electric motor so that it produces more than 129 PS of max power and 245 Nm of peak torque.

Now, lets talk about internal combustion engines. The Nexon Coupe will not get the same tax advantages as the Nexon because it will be larger than 4-metres. Tata would not be able to take any advantage by using the Nexon’s petrol engine with the larger Nexon Coupe.

Fortunately, because of all that revenue, Tata Motors also greenlit a new larger petrol engine. It is essentially the same 1.2-litre turbocharged petrol engine from Nexon but with an additional cylinder. So, the new engine will have a displacement of 1.5-litres. It will produce around 160 bhp and the torque output is not known right now.

The 1.5-litre engine will do duty on the Nexon Coupe, Safari and the Harrier also. In fact, Harrier and Safari’s test mules have already been spotted that were equipped with the new engine.

There would also be a diesel engine for the Nexon Coupe. Most probably, it will be the same 1.5-litre unit from Nexon and Altroz. It produces 110 PS and 260 Nm. Tata Motors will be upgrading it to meet BS6 Stage 2 that will come in 2023. So, we can expect that Tata Motors also bumps up the power slightly.