Tata’s pick-up truck: This is what it could look like in reality

Tata Motors has a rich SUV lineage. The SUV-saga of Tata Motors started with the Tata Sierra, which is deemed as the first-ever made-in-India SUV. Tata’s iconic SUV line-up also includes the vehicles like the Safari. Interestingly, Tata also launched the first-ever made-in-India pick-up truck – Tata Mobile. The manufacturer then launched the Tata Xenon, which was a lifestyle pick-up truck, but it did not become as popular as the brand would have liked. Currently, Tata only offers a toned-down version of the Xenon in the market, which is only available to the commercial car buyers. At present, Tata offers some butch looking SUVs in the form of Tata Safari Storme, Tata Harrier and Tata Hexa. However, there is no pick-up truck available in the line-up. But what if Tata decides to make a lifestyle pick-up truck?

Tata’s pick-up truck: This is what it could look like in reality

Our in-house rendering artist, Vipin Vithoopan, has created a rendering image of the Tata’s pick-up truck, which we hope will also inspire the creative minds of the brand. This is what the vehicle may look like when it becomes a reality in the future. However, this pick-up truck becoming a reality becoming depends on a lot of factors, including the demand for such vehicles in the market. However, everything goes well, and Tata decides to go ahead with a pick-up truck in the future, we would definitely love to see something like this.

The pick-up truck’s front-end is based on the IMPACT 2.0 design philosophy. It gets a split headlamp set-up just like the Harrier. It gets LED DRL at the top just like the Harrier. However, the Harrier gets a single grille, and this pick-up gets segmented grille that further makes it look butch and truly intimidating on the roads. The pick-up truck seen here gets a double-cab, which will be quite useful for the Indian customers, who love to travel together. However, this increases the overall length of the vehicle, making it quite challenging to manoeuvre through heavy traffic.

Tata’s pick-up truck: This is what it could look like in reality

Well, this would be the perfect getaway vehicle for the weekends and week-long trips where one can load all the luggage in the wide flatbed and be carefree. Tata currently offers full 4X4 system with a low-ratio transfer case only with the Safari Storme and a similar system in this pick-up would spice up the life and will give the license to the owners to explore beyond the tarmac. Also, a powerful version of the 2.0-litre KRYOTEC engine that powers the Tata Harrier at the moment would be sufficient for this pick-up and will also offer a decent fuel efficiency.

This vehicle may become a reality someday, but it would not happen in the recent future. Why? Well, the market is not as responsive towards these pick-up trucks as it is towards the SUVs. Also, finding a parking space for such a big vehicle is a problem in the crowded cities of India. However, we do hope that winds turn towards the pick-ups in the future and Tata along with other manufacturers bring these big bad boys to the Indian roads!

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