Tata Motors putting together a new generation of turbo petrol engines

Tata Motors will make a bold new start next month with its first turbo petrol engined car, in the form of the Zest compact sedan. In the turbo petrol world, which fames itself with variable valve and direct injection technologies, the Zest compact sedan’s 1.2 liter-4 cylinder turbo petrol engine is a relatively low tech unit, what with it sticking to a cast iron block and a sohc-2 valves/cylinder head.

1.2 Liter REVOTRON Turbo Petrol Engine Image
1.2 Liter-4 Cylinder REVOTRON Turbo Petrol Engine


While the first turbo petrol engine in the REVOTRON family has been intentionally kept low tech to ensure high reliability and acceptance, and to test the waters, Tata Motors is putting together more turbo petrol engines under the REVOTRON family. The new range of turbo petrol engines from Tata Motors will come in three and four cylinder configurations, with a higher rev limit and power output.

Tata Motors is said to be targeting a peak power output in excess of 100 Bhp on the new range of REVOTRON engines, which are likely to be capped at 1.2 liter-3 cylinder and 1.5 liter-4 cylinder since these engines will be primarily used in Tata hatchbacks and sedans. Also, the new crop of 3 and 4 cylinder turbo petrol engines from Tata Motors will be developed from ground up, using a clean sheet design, quite unlike the cast iron 1.2 liter REVOTRON motor that has its origins in the XETA petrol engine.

Also, the new range of turbo petrol engines from Tata Motors are expected to be significantly lighter than the first REVOTRON motor, what with aluminium forming the base of the new crop of motors, with cast iron being banished. Targeting high refinement levels, hydraulic lash adjusters and finger followers for valve actuation are likely to make the cut into the new range of turbo petrol engines.

Turbocharged petrol engines are about to hit the mainstream in the Indian market, after waiting in the fringes for years. As the demand for more efficient and lower polluting petrol engines increases, turbo petrol engine are the answer for next decade at least. If Tata Motors goes all-turbo in its small hatchbacks and sedans, other car makers are expected to follow suit. Has the turbo petrol era in India well and truly arrived?

Via AutocarIndia