Tata Motors Releases new TVC for Harrier SUV

Harrier has been a game changer in the SUV segment for Tata Motors ever since launch. It was one of the most anticipated models from Tata Motors. Tata showcased Harrier as a concept in 2018 Indian Auto Expo and launched the model earlier this year. Tata Harrier became popular among people because of its distinctive design language and its butch SUVish looks. Now Tata has released a new TVC for Harrier. Let’s take a look at the video first.

The TVC starts with a maid cleaning utensils and putting them on the wrong shelf. As soon as she put it their the lady in the room tells her to move the plates from that shelf as they would fall. The maid continues to clean other plates and the plate on the shelf falls and breaks. it initially looks like as if the maid was in a hurry and was not listening to the owner of the house.

Later, it is clear from the video that she is not talking in the video at all and she is deaf and dump. As the maid can’t hear and speak anything there is a communication gap between the two parties. so they decide to take her to a sign language coaching centre, so that the maid can communicate with others in a better way. They take the maid to the sign language coaching centre in their own Tata Harrier. Tata Motors has named this TVC ‘Language of Humanity #AboveAll’.

Tata Motors Releases new TVC for Harrier SUV

Talking about the specs of the Harrier. It is powered by a 2 liter Fiat Multijet turbocharged diesel engine with 140 Bhp-350 Nm of torque. A 6 speed manual gearbox drives the front wheels. Tata is expected to launch a 6 speed torque converter automatic gearbox option in the same engine by the end of this year. It will again in turn boost  up the sales of this SUV .

Tata Motors has also recently launched a special edition of the Harrier which they call the ‘Dark Edition’. It is Harrier with a mean black paint job with all chrome and silver inserts removed. Tata Motors is also expected to roll out a more powerful state of tune for the 2 liter diesel engine when it is made Bharat Stage compliant. The Harrier BS6 is likely to make 170 Bhp-350 Nm, which is the same state of tune in which it is offered with the Jeep Compass Diesel BS6 model. These changes will come with a significant price increase though. Tata Motors will also launch a 7-seater version of Harrier named Buzzard which is likely to be called Cassini in Indain market by the first quarter of 2020.

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